“I can’t seem to commit to a specific schedule. Something is always going wrong, and I have to deal with it. Unreliable staff, printer breaks, etc. I always have to take care of everything. I’m constantly interrupted by my staff who won’t handle matters on their own.”


These were the chief complaints of one of my clients…actually, this is a common complaint among many of my clients. Can you relate? This case study explains how to quickly solve these work-life balance issues and HR, delegation, and team tension issues all in one session.

Within two weeks after our Foundational Mindshift Session, he reported these outcomes: 

  • He became more focused on only doing what his internal compass (gut/intuition/inner-voice…pick a label that resonates) said he should do and more calm around his employees, trusting them to use their innate talents and expertise for the business.
  • He noted numerous examples of how this played out in his business within a week of making the shifts that occurred during our session. For example, when one employee was acting out of line, the office manager stepped in and handled it efficiently and with compassion. Entrepreneur never had to be involved. This was a first.
  • His schedule became more balanced as well. He now has more free time-because he’s not doing all the extra stuff of putting out fires and proving himself. A month later, he’s actually living his dream schedule.

So, what did we do? How did he make such significant progress in his business and personal life in a matter of about three hours? 

As you will see below, this example and method can apply to you even if you don’t own a company with employees. Solopreneurs, intrapreneurs, and leaders: Think about your virtual assistant experience or people you have hired to help you with your business (marketing, etc.) or people with whom you have partnered. Or, co-workers, team-members. Consider your current schedule. Are you carrying out your promises to yourself?

Here’s what we did:

In case you are unfamiliar with the Bridgenosis process, we spend a considerable amount of time (seems to go by quickly) in the first part of the session uncovering the limiting subconscious beliefs you have that you don’t know you have since they are buried in the mind working on autopilot. After that, we use hypnosis  (and sometimes other tools such as EFT) to shift them. You get a customized recording to listen to on your own after the session.

What were the underlying limiting belief uncovered through Bridgenosis in this case?

 “I can’t trust things to go well if I’m not physically in control of them and their outcome.

“I am not worthy and must prove it through accomplishments and achievements or helping others/producing.”

(By the way, this is the mindset every single leader/high achieving professional I have encountered has deep down. Super useful in school where it formed. Super destructive in real life.Yet, easily reprogrammed with Bridgenosis.)

Solution: Shift the subconscious to be in alignment with one’s internal compass by believing at the deepest levels-not just consciously believing the following:

  • “I am validated. I am good enough. My compass is my true value, and it’s retaining this value regardless of what I’m doing or not doing or what I know or achieve.”

Under this new belief, the mind stopped its program of looking for validation and started focusing on doing only what it was internally inspired to do. 

  • “It may have been true when I was younger that some things didn’t go well because I was not in control-had no choice. Yet, this is not a hard-fast rule. It’s impossible for me to be physically in control all of the time. I trust my compass to tell me when to be in control and when (and who/how) to trust others. I’m calm and confident that I can create success with the help of others who are also in alignment with the same vision.”

Under this new belief, the mind started spotting people who were trustworthy and letting go of control in the right time and right way. 

With these simple mindshifts, the client started to save a ton of time, energy and money. What’s your business worth? What’s your time worth? You can do the math on how valuable it is to stop the mindgames and stress and reprogram your subconscious to trust yourself.