In the words of Albert Einstein, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” As 2011 comes to a close and 2012 fast approaches, it’s natural for us to reflect on where we have been and where we want to go. Remembering the sacred gift that we can’t deny exists within each of us is key to creating success in 2012.

Recall the times that you have felt a positive, inspirational urging to move in a certain direction (can be big or small) without being able to see a clear path while simultaneously considering a more logical option that seemed to have a clear path but did not feel good.

And, then recall the times that you went with the “logical” path that perhaps was perceived by others to be “less risky” because of the seeming certainty in which it would unfold and remember the regret you felt in not listening to yourself.

Now, recall the times that you went with your intuition and took an opportunity or step of any magnitude because it just felt right, felt good. And, remember how it unfolded in a way that seemed like magic. I have yet to meet someone who regretted following his/her intuition, and I have yet to meet someone who didn’t regret ignoring it.

Trusting in that intuitive part of you that holds more information than your conscious mind is aware is key to creating success and happiness. Innately we are born with this trust, but we lose it as we absorb the illusions that society promotes, gradually chipping away at our capacity to believe in ourselves, to believe in our capacity to positively create by honoring and trusting our sacred gift, the intuitive mind.

In 2012, consider raising your awareness of the illusions you have stored in your mind that keep you from trusting your intuition. They can be spotted by the emotions that are attached. Next time you feel inspired to move in a certain direction (it may be as small as a response to a phone call or as big as a career move) but feel a negative emotion such as fear or guilt creating doubt in whether you should do it, check in with yourself to see exactly what thought is behind the emotion. It may be an old emotion from an old context that does not apply in this new situation that is holding you back. It may be a belief that served you as a child that is blocking you as an adult.

Humans are generally wired to automatically and unknowingly store beliefs, associations, habits, emotions, and memories in the right, subconscious part of the mind, but, just as we have to clean out our closets and drawers now and then, it is necessary to de-clutter the mind. Make this a regular part of your 2012 and consider using Bridgenosis to turbo-charge the process and make it fun by helping you to quickly spot, remove, and replace illusions with your own internal truth and guidance. Create a solid habit of trusting your sacred gift so you can create success and joy in your life in 2012. More tips and ideas to assist in this process will be included in future articles.