Move into the Conflict-Free Zone with Bridgenosis.

When organizations face conflict, focus fades, profits stall, and leaders strain under the responsibility of finding resolutions while maintaining positive momentum. Is your organization facing tension within a department, button-pushing between a boss and an employee, or a full blown lawsuit? All of these are examples of “conflicts” that waste time, energy, and money, and compromise everyone’s health.

Until now, there were limited solutions for leaders outside of costly legal or mediation processes or dramatic internal restructuring. Bridgenosis® offers revolutionary new methods for high-level leaders to implement instantly. We help one or more members of tense or conflicting situations to shift their thinking away from conflict and negativity, allowing the situation to heal itself from within. Essentially, we help you to remove the buttons so they can no longer be pushed. (For organization-wide impact, the CEO and Manager also engage in the process.)

Don’t wait months for resolutions to internal or legal conflicts within your organization. Use the new and accelerated Bridgenosis® approach to create accelerated results. Allow us to create a custom-tailored solution for your organization.

Resolving Chronic Disputes

Do you have an employee who is continually expressing dissatisfaction and frustration with his or her manager, or is having recurring problems with another employee? Such chronic disputes are actually opportunities for growth. We use the surfacing issues to catalyze a shift in the employee and managers who are affected by the tension, by allowing them to step out of the situation to view it from a more relaxed perspective.

In this context, Bridgenosis® helps the individuals involved to actually use a conflict as an opportunity to create a better situation for themselves. (This also includes the CEO or Manager who may or may not be directly involved in the conflicts surfacing within the organization to ensure results are seen organization-wide. See Executive Leadership and/or Management.)

What should employers and employees know about these sessions?

  • Sessions are always tailored to the individual.
  • For sessions outside of the DC Metro (where a person can’t come to the Bridgenosis office), video-conferencing is best so that the person is able to experience the session at home, away from work. There’s no difference in results between in-person at the Bridgenosis office and video-conferencing.
  • Individuals must consent and have a desire to work with an objective facilitator to achieve perspective and achieve their own goals.
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed to the individual, and information shared in any session will not be provided to anyone, including the employer, unless the individual has specifically requested to share the information (in writing).

Employer Benefits: When employees know how to turn conflicts into opportunities to create success, their productivity increases, and they positively impact the employer as a whole. Happy and empowered employees are less likely to seek legal redress and may wish to improve their abilities. This cost-savings as well as improved production has the potential to have a positive impact on the employer’s finances. (This Success Story is a great example of how a valuable employee — who might have otherwise felt victimized and overworked by her employer — could have been tempted to resign or bring a lawsuit. Instead, the Bridgenosis® process enabled her to approach the current circumstances with a more creative eye that revealed more lasting solutions to her personal and professional goals.)

Employee Benefits: This process allows employees to create more lasting solutions to problems, which helps them feel empowered, rather than victimized. Mental, emotional, and physical well-being emerges. Happiness, freedom, confidence, and a boost to overall employee morale are just a few benefits. There are many reasons to choose this over a lawsuit.

Listen to a short podcast interview of Laura Palmer to learn:

  • How conflicts can be your catalyst for huge revenue growth
  • How to understand the role your thoughts play in the conflicts around you
  • How to “hack your brain” and “upgrade your apps” so you can resolve those conflicts

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