Procrastinating taking the Bridgenosis Leadership Mindset Assessment? It only takes 10 minutes or less, so time can’t be the reason.

It’s common for people to express fear or worry around knowing what’s in their subconscious minds. Sometimes people feel a little uncomfortable after taking the assessment. Allow me a chance to help you clear this, if this is you:

1) Most of the time people are initially afraid they will see a part of them that they don’t like or something they can’t handle. Maybe you even judge yourself for having a limiting belief, as though it’s like admitting to a weakness or to being less confident. These are not you. Truthfully:

  • You will learn the opposite of yourself because the truth is the exact opposite of the limiting belief. For example, if there is a part of you that believes you are unworthy, it’s false and feels bad, which is why we often hide it from ourselves. It’s a culturally engrained lie that causes most of our societal stress. Facing this allows you to expand your confidence, peace, happiness, courage, wisdom and other positive attributes. Eliminates the constant stress.

  • These beliefs were created from a space of strength and served purposely at the time they were created. They are not weak, even if they are now wrong and no longer useful.

  • There is nothing you can’t handle. Even if a belief is tied to a bad memory, you are free from it, and tuning into the subconscious let’s that part of you know so you can actually feel free from it now. And besides, since you are still here, you did handle it, whatever it was. Bridgenosis tools will help you release any residual pain quickly so it’s an easy process.

  • You are mostly confident, and it’s typically just a small part of your mind that has doubt and limitation. Yet, this part of you has some control, and every time it’s triggered, it will keep tripping you up until you face it and tell it to do something different that serves you in the now.

2) Sometimes you prefer denial over facing yourself because your programs were created to protect you, and there’s concern about whether you will still be protected if you make changes. Know that you will only make changes for your higher good, which includes keeping you safe, and you are in total control of those changes. No one can make you change anything in your subconscious. Not even a hypnotherapist.

This brings me to answer the question you’re likely asking, “How do I clear these limiting beliefs?” All you have to do is effectively communicate with your subconscious. There are many ways to do this, and Laura teaches a few ways to her clients. Her favorite, most relaxing and empowering way is through Bridgenosis hypnosis. It’s creative and fun and allows you to tap your mind using your imagination even while you sleep. Hence, you don’t have to make time for it! Curious to learn more about hypnosis? Watch here. 

After working with hundreds of leaders of all types (including herself), she has learned that we all have the same patterns that need to shift. The cool thing is that because these patterns impact every aspect of your life (personal, professional, physical, relationships, spiritual, emotional, etc.), when you shift them, you positively impact all of these aspects. Efficient right?

Driven by a desire to help more people that her time will allow and at a price point everyone can afford, Laura created mostly DIY self-guided mindshifter program to help you shift these patterns (and more, as the process will activate a communication between you and your intuition that will make changes beyond the program). One of the options incorporate a deep-dive mindshift accelerator session with me because some people want both self-guided and a deep personal touch. However, the self-guided program does powerfully shift people with the one-hour Jumpstarter Session with Laura included.

Bottom-line: The assessment creates awareness. Awareness=power. Bridgenosis will help you activate your power.

Here’s how to take it: