Have you ever panicked when your speaking engagement or presentation relayed information that:

  • People did not want to hear (but needed) and/or
  • Would significantly impact their decisions, which would drastically impact many people, a lot of money, or how people live (stakes are high)?

This is common for attorneys, economic and engineering consultants, science policy experts, financial experts, doctors, and many more. It also impacts your personal and professional relationships.

In this post, I’ll share with you an underlying subconscious pattern that drives the panic and anxiety and how to overcome it, based on my experience as a hypnotherapist working in these cases.

Fear not, you can easily overcome this.

Let’s talk about responsibility. As I discussed in my last post, your subconscious computer may have formed a negative association around communicating information people don’t want to hear when you were younger. It doesn’t have to be from the influence of someone who overreacts necessarily. It could be from one event where someone reacted with sadness, fear, or anger to something you said.

For many people, the subconscious will go a step further and form a belief that you are responsible for the consequences or the information itself; and, also responsible for finding a solution. Sometimes your intuition’s creativity will inspire a solution, and sometimes you are holding a space for your audience to do that.

Retraining the mind to be neutral and believe all is happening as it should, that you are playing the role you should, and they are capable of adequately playing their role in the circumstance is key. Your role in providing them with the insight and information, even if it’s not what they want to hear and will mean changes and consequence that seem devastating, is powerful and worthy. Without it, they cannot pivot appropriately.

As you know, life is full of change, growth, and expansion. Discomfort, chaos, and letting go are part of the process of evolving into more positive states. The higher the stakes, the more powerful the discomfort, chaos, and letting go and also the more powerful and amazing the expanded result.

Imagine the earth’s disruptions that create the beautiful mountains and canyons. There’s a harmony in chaos. mountain-photo-speaker-blog-post-overcome-anxietyAnd, there’s comfort in knowing it’s all temporary-it will pass.
When the stakes are higher, your audience is about to go higher, even if they have to climb down, cross a valley, and climb up before getting to the next peak.

As a speaker on contentious issues, you can train your subconscious to have balanced empathy. You’re compassionate about your audience’s discomfort and also confident they can move through it and even expand because of it. That’s your responsibility, not the outcomes themselves…something bigger than you is in control of that.

Faith, compassion, and confidence are contagious. Bringing that to your audience from your deepest core, your deepest thoughts is the greatest gift you can give them. 

My last post (and nearly every post, actually) and our FAQ explain how easy it is to retrain your subconscious with hypnosis and a process called Bridgenosis. My clients who have had the problems described in this post overcame the panic and anxiety and are now speaking calmly and confidently, even when the stakes seem high. It usually takes 1-2 sessions.

If you want help with it, schedule a complimentary call online.We are currently taking applications from male executives for a Increase Your Super Powers Retreat. Check out the details here.