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Cutting-Edge Leadership Development + Facilitation

  • After a reorganization: You may have leaders who need to release some of their control and adjust to a new structure and leaders who are stepping up their game. In both cases, a new mindset is needed to increase confidence and performance.

  • Performance Goals: How do the leaders work best to achieve company goals? Individual department or team goals? And goals we work towards together as a leadership team?

  • Communication Goals: How do our leaders most effectively communicate with each other, with our teams, and with our overall company? What is the most effective flow and structure of communication?

 Whether your leadership team is seasoned or up-and-coming, it will rapidly grow with the Bridgenosis process.

*Of all the organizational services, this is the most important because your organization’s leadership holds the decision-making, subconscious, and energetic power of the entire organization. Culture stems from your organization’s mindset and energy. It’s not just about your consciously stated values.

“I first met Laura Palmer of Bridgenosis after she delivered a fantastic key note presentation during the SPI Board Meeting in Boston. Her approach to accelerating an organization’s ability to create peak performance by tapping the creative mind is unique and powerful. My company was doing well, but tension and stress were holding us back.

I first engaged her to work with my senior leadership team and me. The results were instantaneous. I hired her again to work with the senior leadership of one of my divisions, and everyone made significant shifts. Tension lifted, and our teams are more focused and communicating more effectively. Some of the younger leaders really stepped up to the plate after working Laura…

I really appreciate that we get fast and lasting results with her. Her process doesn’t require constant coaching for the results to hold in place, which is unique and refreshing.”

Charles Villa Jr., President & CEO, , JARDEN Process Solutions, Greenville, South Carolina
  • We assess your organization’s cultural mindset and energetic makeup and build a unique, advanced mindshift component into all of our offerings to ensure your organization is truly aligned at the deepest level. You then reach peak performance and profits while maintaining health and well-being.
  • In addition to your CEO and top leadership team, this can be applied to your sales team and other departments.
  • See results within the first two weeks of the mindshifting process, often within a few days.
“Laura’s organizational expertise and intuition are lazor-sharp. She can see quickly see what most people are really struggling with and how it’s impacting the whole organization, articulate it in a clear way, and implement cutting edge tools that that allow for a deep and lasting transformation to take place. Every organization needs Bridgenosis. This is the missing link that ties together all of our other efforts to succeed.”
Jim S., CEO, San Francisco, California





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How we help:

Conflict Prevention & Resolution:

As a former employment attorney, Laura knows the emotional & financial drain of conflicts: distraction (rather than focused performance), extra recruitment costs, lower employee morale, and lawsuits. Learn how this cutting edge mindshifting process will reduce the productivity costs and profit losses associated with unhealthy conflicts.

  • Listen to a short podcast interview of Laura Palmer to learn:
    • How conflicts can be your catalyst for huge revenue growth.
    • How to understand the role your thoughts play in the conflicts around you, driving your perception, communication, and behavior.
    • How to “hack your brain” and “upgrade your apps” so you can resolve those conflicts.

Let’s create a custom program for your team.

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Cutting-Edge Employee Stress Reduction:

  • As an employment attorney, Laura saw how stressful, emotionally draining, and distracting tension and conflict can be for employers, employees, managers, and leaders. Maybe you have tried employee engagement initiatives and benefits, survey and response programs, or training programs and have received some benefit but still have the same problems emerging that require your time and attention. Bridgenosis helps employers get to the root of the problems so your leadership and employees are engaged, motivated, and producing, instead of checking social media, procrastinating, stressing, and feeling tension or distracting each other.
  • Mental blocks are the real problem in your organization. Bridgenosis is a safe, confidential, and compassionate solution to remove mental blocks. Without doing this, no amount of time, money or energy spent on “bandaid” initiatives will relieve your organizational pain and solve your problems so you can be free to move forward focusing on the solutions you provide to the world.

*This service is for companies who have engaged Bridgenosis at the CEO-level first and wish to offer it to their employees.

“Thanks so much. You really nailed it, on all accounts and framed it in a way that I can actually hear it differently. Yesterday was great. I left your workshop with a burst of energy. I’ve been dragging with exhaustion for the past month and it was the first time I could actually get things done without wanting to take a nap first…Thanks for being so tuned in. That was a really great experience.””
Anonymous Workshop Attendee, Mindshifting & Energy Medicine Workshop, Alexandria, Virginia
“After suffering a stroke last year, I experienced difficulty sleeping, walking, and dealing with the stresses of life due to the discomfort and my stroke’s residual effects.

After just one session at Bridgenosis, I learned skills and techniques to help me cope with my emotional and physical issues. Pain lifted and I slept for a full night for the first time in at least a year. It’s been 6 weeks now, and I am sleeping through the night, I feel better, and my attitude has improved. Everyone has noticed!

I then began working with Bridgenosis on some of the issues that may have caused stressors that led to my stroke.” To read more, click the company title for his Updated Guest Blog Post, Stroke and Turn…”

How we help:

Let’s create a custom program for your organization.

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Cutting-Edge Confidence Booster for Startup Entrepreneurs:

“Laura is one of the greatest additions to my life, for improving my mental energy, focus, and subconscious development. She is a great healer of my life and business through working with the subconscious. Laura is like Yoda teaching me ways of the Jedi. I highly recommend her to my fellow mindful leaders and professionals, especially CEOs and entrepreneurs.”
Jonathon Perrelli, CEO & Co-Founder; Creator, Producer, Executive Producer Startupland, Managing Director, Founder at Founder at Fortify Ventures, LIfeFuels, Washington, D.C.

How we help:

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Cutting-Edge Speaking, Training, & Events:

  • Laura doesn’t just motivate and inspire. She creates a transformative group shift with lasting results. She empowers your group with tools, such as a custom Bridgenosis audio-mindshifter and easy re-centering techniques, attendees can use long after she’s gone. Re-energize, motivate, and transform your group with Bridgenosis cutting edge processes that are amplified in a group setting.
  • Sessions are tailored towards specific areas or goals, or a more general session that lets each individual shift their mindset around their own greatest challenge.
  • For example, leadership groups have hired Laura to help them harness a more collaborate mindset, which allowed them to easily expand, rather than contract, in the face of the most difficult conflicts and tension.
  • Learn more by downloading her Speaker’s Kit.
“I had the privilege of seeing your awesome presentation at the SPI BOD’s meeting in Boston earlier this week and was very impressed. At the time, when I entered the room to see your presentation, I was completely stressed and agitated from an earlier phone call. Balancing the SPI commitment with the day job can sometimes be quite challenging. As a result, your timing could not have been any better. Many of your comments struck a chord with me. As a result, I threw myself “all in” during the stress relief portion of your presentation. The results were quite impressive. I left the room feeling a whole lot better than when I arrived.”
Glenn Anderson, Senior Vice President of Global & Strategic Accounts, attendee of Laura’s Keynote for SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association Board Meeting in Boston 2013
  • Keynotes, Workshops and Trainings for:
  • Corporate Leadership Development Facilitations
  • Professional Associations
  • Annual Conferences
  • Board Meetings and Retreats
  • Sales Seminar
  • Entrepreneurial Clubs
  • Sports Organizations

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