Photo Courtesy of U.S. Navy

Like many of you, on this Memorial Day, I’m feeling a strong appreciation for those who are serving and have served our country and for the loved ones of those who have given their lives to ensure our security and freedom. If this is you, I hope you receive the warmth of gratitude from all of us. We don’t really know the details of what you have experienced (or are experiencing) as part of this courageous path. You don’t know the names of all the born and unborn people you have positively impacted by your service and vice-versa. Yet, you do it anyway.

This holiday brings attention to another important fact: We are all connected, impacting each other. No one is really alone. A lot goes on behind the scenes of our lives and our businesses. Yet, it’s easy to get caught in the day-to-day details of what you can and can’t see, touch, hear, taste, and smell and forget this powerful truth.

At the very basic and yet tremendous level, there are people living difficult lives in service so that we can be free. This is what today is about: thanking these people in particular and showing them you appreciate the comfortable life their service has afforded. Beyond the holiday, on a daily basis, gratitude can be extended to them and to all the “behind the scenes” roles that people play in making our lives easier, and even to ourselves for the rippling effect that we have on those known and unknown. For example, because of the farmer, the grocery store owner, the grocery store clerk, and everyone in between, I can easily and regularly have fresh food.

As a business owner,  I get paid to do what I love. And, it’s easy for me to run a business and to reach those who benefit from my services because, in addition to a baseline of freedom and security, we have people who created inventions like the Internet, social media, technology that streamlines processes, and networking groups, grateful clients who want others to have the same experience, mentors, friends, family, complimentary partners, passed knowledge, etc. I could go on and on listing the types of people and events that play a role behind the scenes of my life and business.

And, yet, I have had days where I have feared I wasn’t doing enough to create success, almost as though it’s all up to me and I’m all alone. Or, maybe I was lacking faith that the larger system that’s in play would work. In these moments, kicking up inside is an anxious urge to look under the soil where I’ve planted seeds because I don’t see the new stems popping up, yet, even though they have every time, in the right time and in the right way.

It’s as if I don’t trust that my passionate seed-planting is backed by the larger force that will bring sunlight, nutrients, worms, and water. And, even further, a grain of doubt that my gifts/services/passions are valuable enough. The urge to do more, work harder, scatter more seeds drives me to waste time, energy and money. The illusion of unreasonably hard work and an imbalanced life as requirements to create business success gets reinforced in the subconscious mind.

Suddenly it becomes crystal clear why applying the 80-20 Pareto Principle of focusing 20% of your effort to get 80% of your results, is so difficult. Most of us are conditioned by these long-held limiting beliefs. The good news is that the mind loves to be reconditioned. Awareness of what needs to change is the first step. Bridgenosis can help with the next one. I use the tools myself when I realize I’m stuck.

I can imagine how these same mass-conscious limiting beliefs may feel to those coming back from war or losing someone to the war. To you, veterans and your loved ones, you are not alone. You are deeply appreciated.

Thank you for your service so that I have the freedom and security to pursue my dreams and passions and sit in my comfortable home and write this. I also feel grateful to remember that I am not really alone in my pursuits. And, that we have this day to honor you and to serve as a reminder of how connected we truly are.