List-Making Trick for Creating Positive New Year’s Resolutions:
You probably know that your right brain is the creative part of the mind, but do you know how to effectively communicate with it so that you are creating what you want? Your creative mind, which connects with the intuitive mind, only understands positive terms and will edit out “no, not, never” only to create what you are focusing upon. For example, if you say you do not want to be poor, your creative mind translates this to a desire to be poor. Instead, state your goal in positive terms of what you want: “I want to be prosperous.”

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You can create a habit of turning negatives into positives (turning contrast, or conflict or what you don’t want, into expansion of what you want instead) with this easy list-making technique:

  1. Pick a topic you want to improve (job, friends, home, boy/girlfriend, etc.).
  2. Make a list of everything you dislike about your current topic.
  3. Make a separate list on a different piece of paper of everything you like about your current topic and then add to it all of things you want in your ideal topic in positive terms (make sure you are only listing what you want).
  4. Then, take the negative list and translate all of the dislikes into what you want instead and write down the “what you want instead” on the positive list (created in Step 3). When you have gone through the entire negative list, burn, flush, shred, or, in some safe manner, destroy it.
  5. Keep adding positive factors to your positive list as you think of them. (Keep that positive list on you).
  6. As you continue to encounter or think of what you don’t want, write it down on a negative list, transfer it to the positive list by turning it into what you want instead, then destroy the negative list. Letting go of the negative list quickly is key to letting go of what you don’t want so you can allow what you do want.
  7. Continue working between the positive and negative experiences to create what you ultimately want. And, be confident and trust that you can find what you want. You will find that your current situation transforms as you attract different behavior and/or different people and/or different opportunities.