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Leaders Break Through Limiting Patterns

According to Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman, 95 percent of decision-making occurs in the subconscious. At Bridgenosis, we go deeper to help you ensure your inner-voice, which is like the live GPS device of your creative subconscious, is what dominates your decision-making, instead of your subconscious autopilot playing outdated limiting beliefs. We actually help you reprogram your subconscious to automatically trust your inner voice and vision.

Are you ready to give your gut a promotion and fire your limiting beliefs?

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Why Bridgenosis?

Examples & Case Studies:

Examples of Goals and Problems We help Clients Reach and Overcome:

  • Focus & Reach Peak Performance 
  • Overcome Imposter Syndrome: Trust Your Internal Compass is real
  • Leadership/Executive Presence
  • Calm Confident Public speaking (stop the nervousness, anxiety or panic)
  • Increase Sales/Donors
  • Quell your money and finance anxieties
  • Overcome “Where do I start?” fears
  • Scaling with Confidence


  • Hire, retain, and delegate with confidence
  • Preventing & unraveling conflict
  • Balancing personal life and work, overcoming stress & anxiety
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Stay centered when encountering negative people
  • Letting go of the past and any shame/blame to be present & move forward
  • Overcome/reduce chronic stress in the body & increase your spiritual presence
  • Much more…

Case study as seen in: logo-the-washington-post-s2 (1)

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Limiting Beliefs & Other FAQ

Hear what your peers have to say about Bridgenosis:

“I first met Laura Palmer of Bridgenosis after she delivered a fantastic key note presentation during the SPI Board Meeting in Boston. Her approach to accelerating an organization’s ability to create peak performance by tapping the creative mind is unique and powerful. My company was doing well, but tension and stress were holding us back.

I first engaged her to work with my senior leadership team and me. The results were instantaneous. I hired her again to work with the senior leadership of one of my divisions, and everyone made significant shifts. Tension lifted, and our teams are more focused and communicating more effectively. Some of the younger leaders really stepped up to the plate after working Laura…”

Charles Villa Jr., President & CEO, , JARDEN Process Solutions, Greenville, South Carolina
“After suffering a stroke last year, I experienced difficulty sleeping, walking, and dealing with the stresses of life due to the discomfort and my stroke’s residual effects.

After just one session at Bridgenosis, I learned skills and techniques to help me cope with my emotional and physical issues. Pain lifted and I slept for a full night for the first time in at least a year. It’s been 6 weeks now, and I am sleeping through the night, I feel better, and my attitude has improved. Everyone has noticed!

I then began working with Bridgenosis on some of the issues that may have caused stressors that led to my stroke.” To read more, click the company title for his Updated Guest Blog Post, Stroke and Turn…”

Gene Sanders, CEO, G-Force Consulting, Washington, D.C.
“Laura is one of the greatest additions to my life, for improving my mental energy, focus, and subconscious development. She is a great healer of my life and business through working with the subconscious. Laura is like Yoda teaching me ways of the Jedi. I highly recommend her to my fellow mindful leaders and professionals, especially CEOs and entrepreneurs.”
Jonathon Perrelli, CEO & Co-Founder, LIfe Fuels; Creator, Producer, Executive Producer Startupland, Managing Director, Founder at Fortify Ventures, Washington, D.C.
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“Before working with Laura, I struggled with anxiety and a need to please everyone I met. Saying “no” and enforcing boundaries were a problem for me. I didn’t sleep well, chewed my fingernails, and generally spent all of my time in a highly anxious, nervous state. I struggled at work with never feeling like my work was good enough (even when it was perfect) and a constant need to do everything over the top. I placed unreachable expectations upon my employees, holding them to the same exaggerated standard I held myself to.

Working with Laura was especially helpful because I realized that my anxiety and excessive need to please everyone stemmed from issues in my childhood. Traditional therapy with a counselor helped me source out where my issues stemmed from and helped me identify areas where those issues were affecting my life. But while therapy helped me better understand my issues and where they came from, it did little to help me move past them or change how I think about myself. My subconscious continued to nag at me.

After one session with Laura and using Bridgenosis, I find that I am suddenly free from gripping anxiety. And it literally happened overnight. I am sleeping well, no longer chewing my fingernails (a 20-year habit that I stopped overnight), and am feeling much calmer. I no longer feel anxious and nervous. It’s hard to explain, but it’s like my brain has just quieted.

I am no longer stressing over every minor detail, turning inconsequential/trivial happenings into major decisions. I am not fighting my desire to process in the middle of the night, worrying about the next day’s events or tasks. I have relaxed at work, and have been able to accept that my (still very exceptional) work is good enough. People in my life have noticed the changes; most notably my husband, kids, and direct employees. This new calm feels amazing. It feels like such a weight has been lifted from me.

I highly recommend you give Bridgenosis a chance to help you or your organization. The concept is different, and I was admittedly skeptical at first. But after meeting Laura, seeing her passion in her work, and hearing the how/why of it, the science of it makes a lot of sense. And it works. Four hours with Laura changed my life. That seems like such a cliche thing to say……but it’s true. I’m so grateful to Laura for helping me find my inner voice and learn to trust it.”

L.M., Project Manager, Los Angeles, California
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If you don’t have time for this, you need it. It’s like buying a new computer or upgrading your computer’s software. Until you do it, you are inefficient, unconsciously slowed down. Besides feeling stress, you waste time, energy & money. Once you make the time and money investment, it pays back tenfold in efficiency plus overall joy. Some clients do the bare minimum (below) and others want to learn and implement more tools (maximum) while others are somewhere in the middle.


Trust My Internal Compass

In order to be confident as an entrepreneur, your subconscious must feel safe to trust your internal compass to navigate into unknown territory for you. Learn more about this mindshifter here.

Confident in My Worth

You’ll increase your sales when you know your value, trust yourself to focus on the important leads and activities, and make time to do what it takes to cash in the leads. Learn more about this mindshifter here.

Harness a Confident Presence

Delete fear of failure, rejection and criticism. Beat procrastination. Speak with more confidence. Learn more about this mindshifter here.

Think Abundantly
Stop your mental auto-pilot of “I don’t have enough time, money, or resources.” Is getting caught in the numbers game effecting your sales? Become more connected to your ideal market, save time, act efficiently, and exceed your projected numbers. Learn more about this mindshifter here.
Confidently Waiting

There’s a calm and confident space between having too much to do and not enough to do. Trust the timing, be comfortable during the ebb and the flow. Know that you’re exceeding your organizational goals. Learn more about this mindshifter.

Staying Confident

Control how you feel and respond to other people and situations. Do only what you are inspired to do. Stay confident in you. Don’t get distracted and react. No fear. Learn more about this mindshifter.

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2017 Increase Your Super Powers Retreats

Calling mindful leaders who wish to connect and shift with up to 12 of your counterparts in a confidential and non-competitive environment. We are hand-picking each attendee to ensure a sacred space is held.

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