The first shot of a recent sunrise

When an idea first emerges, it feels bright. Warmth, eternal hope, and enthusiasm swell inside your heart center. It may be the caterpillar stages of forming a business, a new program, product or service, or the next phase of your company.

This source of inspiration carries us to the next phase of strategic planning. With all of the different possible avenues that exist today through technology, the Internet, and our infinite connections to everyone, our capacity is unlimited. Yet, all these options can be overwhelming and create an illusion of limitation. It’s common to let this “work” stage of developing concrete direction and strategy dampen our warmth and enthusiasm.


The same sunrise, 7 minutes later

Energy is still bright, but a bit clouded, as the earth moves forward. Solution to the dampening: Stay focused on the vision and the inspiring thoughts that are flowing. It’s still fairly easy at this stage of development as your fresh vision isn’t far out of sight.

But how about when you cross the bridge from strategy to execution? Many of the ingredients of success that come with actual manifestation of our vision are out of our physical sight because other people are inherently involved. Even if you are a solopreneur, the magic takes place out of earshot as referrals, discussions, and logistics are beyond your physical reach. If you are overseeing a large operation, you rely on people inside and outside of your organization to put the wheels of realization into motion.


Clouds emerge-taken 4 mins later

We don’t “see” with our eyes most of the magic taking place when our vision is manifesting itself. Click to Tweet!

Without a strong trust in one’s inner voice, which is the place of wisdom where the vision and subsequent ideas emerge, it’s easy to worry at this stage.

Note that even when the light in this photo can’t be seen as brightly, it is still there.

Yet, this is the most difficult stage to let go and trust that all is set in motion exactly as it should be. You did the work to lay the foundation. However, most of the subsequent work and time is spent in the manifesting stage–the day to day life of your business. The real work here is trusting that your dream is manifesting and understanding what steps you need to take in the moment to keep it going.

It often seems easier to plan for the future from our place of inspiration than to listen and act in the moment from that same place of inspiration.

If it sounds so easy, why does it feel so hard to stay inspired in the moment past the vision and strategy stages? Answer: Old, expired programs of limiting beliefs often erupt and cloud the inner-voice. Our auto-pilot may be trained to expect the worst because of one incident at an earlier age. It was a great program at the time, but it’s just white noise now. From this old perspective, we may see signs of “failure” because something isn’t going exactly as planned. This is often interpreted by the mind as further evidence that we should “worry” and this will keep us safe.

The protective mind running expired programs orients best towards the future even when the wise intuitive self (or “gut”) is directing you to be in the moment. This fuels behavior that wastes time and money. The larger your organization, the greater worry costs because it has a rippling effect like a rock thrown in water.

I recently caught myself about to worry over a big “cancellation” and delay. One of the benefits of doing this line of work is that I have to “walk the walk” if I’m going to “talk the talk.” After catching myself about to spin into stress mode, which is only useful when we are in physical danger, I used a relaxation technique, which brought me back to the present moment.

Relaxing is an important ingredient for creating success because the mind can’t be creative and protective at the same time. Click to Tweet!

Once I relaxed, a peaceful thought that something better was in the works emerged, and I let my “worries” go and focused back on all of the tasks that I could control through my own action–tasks inspired in the moment by the same voice that created my original vision.

Of course, this same voice of wisdom will also tell you if you need to take specific steps when details are changing. Therefore, having a mental default set at worry is unnecessary. Click to Tweet! 

The next day, I received word that the “cancellation” had morphed into an even better opportunity.


The sun emerging again, with beautiful wildlife

It’s important to allow for details to change as needed to fulfill your vision. When something seems to be going differently than planned, are you calmly and confidently going back to your original vision or are you getting stuck in the details? Do you panic and feel stressed? If so, you’re doing the latter.

Does stress dictate your decisions and actions, causing you to miss such opportunities or waste time and money?

When plans change, most people refuse to relax until they see evidence that all is as it should be. Actions that ensue in this state are big money wasters.

Although worry is something most people “deal with” and think they “can’t help,” it’s actually quite easy to reprogram the mind to release the old programs that drive worry. Contrary to what most think, the mind is eager to create new programs with the right direction and communication. Hypnosis is one of the best tools we use to help executives change their minds to change their organizations.

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