“My sales reps are in conflict with each other, competing for more time and attention to their products and services. It’s disrupting my business. Instead of cross-referring and collaborative promoting to increase sales, they are attempting to hoard client attention. I worry this is giving off a bad vibe, even if the clients are consciously aware.”

These were the chief complaints of one of my clients…can you relate? Now, if you are a solo-entrepreneur, this same type of problem will look a little different, but the underlying self-sabotage is the same.

Ask yourself: Do you feel stressed about competition? One way to tell is to notice how you feel (and be honest) when you hear about someone else’s successes who may be a direct or indirect competitor-Even if you are unique, there are some folks who might be hired over you because a dollar decision is being made-where to spend money

Is this being triggered? Read on to find out what you can do about it.

Within two weeks after our Foundational Mindshift Session, my client CEO reported these outcomes: 

  • She became more confident and calm around obtaining the right resources by trusting her compass.
  • Her sales people followed her lead and began collaborating. (No, they didn’t know she had a Bridgenosis session and cleared the belief mentioned below. It wasn’t necessary because the power is in the subconscious connections between people.)
  • Even the one who was most problematic shifted her behavior, and they are working as a team to create more prosperity together.
  • Referrals have gone up, sales are increasing.

So, what did we do? How did she make such significant progress in her business and personal life in a matter of about three hours? 

Here’s what we did:

As explained in my last and other previous blogs, Bridgenosis is a process of uncovering and deleting limiting beliefs.

What was the underlying limiting belief uncovered through Bridgenosis in this case?

Although the CEO was not engaged in cut-throat behavior or any of the behaviors she saw in her employees, we discovered she had a subconscious fear of not having enough money, resources, etc. She specifically had a fear of abandonment.

Let’s be honest, when you take a leap of faith in your business whether you are starting out or about to grow or trying something new, you are at the whim of the universe, trusting serendipity to meet you half way–trusting that you will penetrate the market and be successful. It’s natural and normal to fear you will be abandoned, unfortunately.

BUT, it doesn’t have to be, and it will save you time, money, and energy to delete this. In this case, it was clear to the client and me that these fears were unconsciously being passed down to the employees.

What you believe and feel is more powerful than what you say or do. Behavior is not the common denominator; belief is. Click to Tweet!

Solution: Shift the subconscious to be in alignment with one’s internal compass by believing at the deepest levels-not just consciously believing, the following:

  • “I believe in a more creative and expansive definition of prosperity that is connected to my internal compass, which provides me with the inspiration and navigation towards the resources I need to carry out my vision. There is enough.”
  • “My old belief was only useful when I was younger and my situation was limited-I had to depend on certain people and resources at that time. Now that I’m older, I am free to follow my internal compass. Thus, my fear of being abandoned and not having enough is outdated.
  • “The only real abandonment that I should fear now is abandoning my internal compass, which is my greatest asset, security, protector, and navigator.”

Want to be like this super heroine who is getting more time out of her day and creating more success in her business? She had no idea she had these thought programs and that they were wasting so much time, energy, and money. And, guess what, her personal life also improved because the same mind that runs your business also runs the rest of your life.