It’s easier than we “think” it is. Case study below.

First: We (us: humans) created the economy. Leaders and entrpreneurs are in the main driver seat.

Second: More and more leaders, especially entrepreneurs, are starting to realize the value of being able to hear and follow your gut or intuition to accelerate success and by-pass unnecessary loss, tension and other problems. This capacity can be reflected in your bottom-line and profits, schedule, and overall happiness. It flows into your organization’s culture and performance.

Third: The more leaders who can accelerate their success, the faster we can turn our economy around. Therefore, to turn the economy around, more leaders must increase their capacity to hear and follow their intuition.

So, how do you increase your capacity to trust your gut?

You can read more about it in detail here (under “For the thinkers”), but the short answer is that your old, expired limiting beliefs that are buried in the subconscious are what you keep you from always trusting your gut. And, trust me, everyone has them. I know personally (facing them inside myself) and professionally having worked with hundreds of leaders. No one is immune.

So, the first task is to get over the stigma and fear of admitting to having limiting beliefs. Since they were once useful, there’s no need to be ashamed of them. Think of them as software that periodically needs updating. Now and then, we need to update our subconscious autopilot to be sure it’s running programs that apply in the here and now in alignment with our greatest power, the internal compass (aka intuition or gut).

We all needed certain software (beliefs and habits) to handle being dependent beings focused on school and learning from others. And, we all need an upgrade once that time period has ended. Period. No judgment. No shame. Just a fact that this is how are are wired as humans. Luckily it’s easy to upgrade.

They kick-in and high-jack your mind sometimes without your realizing it and before you inner-voice has a chance to tell you what you should do. You only have to stop and think about decisions you later regretted to understand what I mean. How much time, energy, and money do you think you have wasted running the old software?

So, the key is to transform the expired limiting beliefs, update your subconscious software, so to speak. How do you do this?

When I first started spotting and transforming limiting beliefs as a hypnotherapist (former employment attorney), I relied solely on a compassionate socratic method inserted into a conversation with the client to reveal the patterns and themes that were underlying the problems or tension. We then used hypnosis to transform them and reprogram the subconscious. While I still do this work and it’s needed in some cases (sometimes to jumpstart a process), I recently created an easier, faster, and cheaper way to help leaders do this. And, after piloting it, I’m super happy to see it’s getting great results.

My motivation: I was excited to see leaders and entrepreneurs getting amazing results by the in-person Bridgenosis approach and wanted to help more of you. And, hence the title of this post, I have a strong desire to help turn around our economy. I also realized after working with hundreds of people, we all have the same limiting beliefs that need transforming.

New way: Armed with this information and eager help more leaders and quickly, I created a mindset assessment containing the main limiting beliefs and six audio mindshifters (with hypnosis language) that transform the limiting patterns. The assessment only takes ten minutes, and the audio mindshifters work in your sleep, so the process takes very little time. The assessment contains an algorithm that sorts the audio mindshifters so that you listen to them in the right order for you.

And, you retake the assessment a couple of times as you move through the process to see what has transformed and what needs to transform next. The algorithm will re-sort the audios for you as you go so that you are always listening to the one that is most relevant. This is how we customize the Bridgenosis® process of spotting the patterns without needing me to be involved. It keeps it private and fast.

The neat thing about your subconscious is that it’s very loyal. Just as it was unwilling to change the patterns in the first place until you communicated with it properly (why you need hypnosis), it will hold your new patterns in place indefinitely. So, you won’t need to change the same limiting beliefs twice.

Therefore, you won’t have to listen to the audios indefinitely to hold the changes (though the online program provides you with lifetime access).

Need some proof to believe me?

Yesterday, the Washington Post published a story on a nonprofit executive director who went through the Bridgenosis® Leadership Online Mindshifter Program. Regardless of whether you are a for-profit or nonprofit leader, I think you’ll relate.

It took some courage for her to set an example because many people are not openly talking about this aspect of ourselves, but I can assure you she is in the majority. And, she’s an amazing super power. Look at what she was able to do after upgrading.

“DAY ONE: Michelle Mitchell, 38, works full time running YoKid, a nonprofit she helped found, based in Alexandria, Virginia, whose mission is to teach yoga to underserved kids and teens. They also train teachers, and host a national conference every year on how to teach yoga to children. She also has three children, ages three, five and six. She was starting to feel a little overwhelmed.

‘I want to learn how to delegate, to get clearer about the work that needs to be done. And at home, I want to do more than just keep my children alive!’ she said. ‘It gets to be a little nerve wracking sometimes, balancing everything.’ She also wanted time to herself, for the first time in years, to attend a yoga class herself, meet friends or go running…”

She also had these specific goals for her nonprofit: Clear and effective communication for leadership purposes; increased confidence so that people will follow through and complete tasks they’ve committed to doing; increase size of Board of Directors to 12 active members; and generate more revenue through program fees and sponsorships.

It sounds too simple and easy to believe, I know. Read on to learn how she rapidly brought her life into balance and accelerated her organizational goals. 

When you’re ready to try it for yourself, you can find it here.