If you are risk adverse-tend to trust what you already think you know and think it’s a risk to follow your heart-this is especially for you. Warning: This is personal.
sathenazeusteamFirst: Introducing the Bridgenosis VPs of Wisdom and Joy, Sathena and Zeus, who have already taught me so much, starting with a lesson on trusting intuition over logic, relying on feeling and trusting inner “vision” versus known variables that can be physically seen through outward vision. They are surely earning their keep.

Here’s what went down and how the universe tricked me into adopting two pups instead of one.

In January, I started having dreams of Sadie (In case you are a new friend of Bridgenosis, she’s my former soul dog and VP of Relaxation at Bridgenosis who transitioned to the spirit world July 20th, last summer.). All of her physical issues were resolved in one of the dreams, and she was happy. Some other fortuitous things also happened in the Fall that seemed to be suggesting that I would be getting another pup soon.

I even heard that sweet voice I described in my September post, say, “I’ll come back,” one Fall day as I was admiring some dogs playing in a nearby park. I don’t know if doggy reincarnation exists, but why not be open? 🙂 Either way, my heart is filled with more love and joy with how things unfolded than I could have imagined or planned.

The week of Feb. 8th, a dear friend was “email bombing” me with links to rescue pups she was considering adopting. Their cuteness and my desire to help my friend lured me quickly into looking at dogs for her. That’s when I came across these two hiding pups. (Note: She wasn’t looking for a puppy.)



Sadie (Version 1)

The other photos reminded me so much of Sadie that I had to apply for one of them. The dreams made me think a girl was coming, and I even knew her name (Sathena=Sadie+Athena). So, I applied for the girl, as labeled online.

For that moment as I rushed through the application process, I disregarded the fact that I was moving on March 15th and didn’t even know where because I was still waiting to hear from few programs that would have taken me in two different parts of the country.

In other words, it was totally illogical for me to adopt a dog then, but the pull was strong. Besides, they say “year of the monkey” is full of surprises. And, surprisingly, I heard back right away and was approved for “Bay” in less than 24 hours. (More details and some wisdom I learned the day I brought her home can be found in a facebook group I started. Click here to join.)

Anyway, I changed her name to Sathena and hugged on her all day long as the best Valentine’s gift ever, our first full day together. Sadly, she was afraid of everything, even the outdoors, and refused to stand, have her head up, or walk, unless she was running to hide. Humans (including me) and sounds frightened her.

These pups were picked up by Animal Control in the woods in lower Virginia, where the owner of the land had seen them hiding, and were filled with ticks and fleas. No doubt, they survived the blizzard by hiding and curling up into a ball, huddled together. So, this was her M.O.: to hide.

That night as I was meditating and praying for some guidance on how to help her break through the fear, I wondered, why did my soul pup come in such an extreme form of fear with this habit of hiding? I had never seen such a frigSathena+ZeusWisdomBridgenosishtened pup and neither had the adoption center or any of the twelve friends who came by to see her. And, I knew that her hiding held significance because animals carry wisdom and insight. Sadie taught me they are mirrors helping us to see parts of ourselves we can change to be happier.

And, then I recalled having dinner with a friend the night before the pups came out of hiding where we had this “a ha” that I needed to stop hiding. While my hiding is no where near as extreme as the pups, I am guilty. I recently realized I needed to be more open to sharing my whole self, especially the work that I do and what happens in sessions.

What have I been hiding? I have felt self-conscious and afraid as I explain how I have been helping people reprogram subconsciously because there is much fear around the subconscious and woo-woo modalities exist because of those lacking integrity using them. It was so much easier to explain to people I was an employment attorney in my former life because everyone knows what that is and is so impressed with a top five law school deemed “prestigious” by our culture.

I have struggled to explain what I “accidentally” uncovered as a gift I didn’t know I had until I decided to learn hypnotherapy in 2010. It doesn’t fit in a known box, and there is no cultural prestige. I now know what pioneers feel when they are paving a new path that isn’t mainstream, yet, and what it feels like to unlock a new gift, which everyone has (whether you know it or not). It’s much like writing poetry or music or solving a complex problem. Everyone is good at something. This is my thing. No special powers. Inspired, excited, enthusiastic and passionate followed by fearful, embarrassed, self-conscious, and self-doubt because of the stigma, followed by determined, confident, and persistent.

Truly, it started as a fun hobby that I only did with my friends. I had no idea it would lead to a process of uncovering and transforming limiting beliefs, as I didn’t even know what they were. Like any good lawyer, I would ask questions, and we would learn how their minds were operating at the subconscious level.

The answers made it quite obvious that there was a pattern linking all of the items on their wish-list (which seemed separate) together. For example, an expensive organizational conflict, a sugar craving, a hoarding habit, and a family issue were all tied to an underlying belief of unworthiness (or not being enough) and a fear of not having enough.

When it came time to create the creative metaphors words during the hypnosis to help them reprogram, it was like writing poetry and using the information logically gained during the session. I was able to help them clear the underlying patterns and achieve their wish-lists many times in one session, sometimes in two.

What I found myself doing was helping people remove the beliefs that keep them from trusting themselves. The process, which I named Bridgenosis, aligns the mind with the heart. It’s not a special power. It’s the way people are before all the conditioning we face in this world as kids.

We all have gifts-things we are good at, but it takes joy, play and faith in one’s intuition and serendipity to unlock them. (Oh, and pain, unfortunately, for most of us to stop our “risk aversion,” which is what keep us from being aligned with the heart.)

Even to this day, I am still in awe at what people can do when they reprogram their subconscious computers at this deep level.

When I set out to do this for more people in 2011, I had to overcome a fear that I wouldn’t consistently be able to do this, that it wouldn’t support me financially, which is what enables me to be available to more people.

Logically, my mind had the fear of the unknown because every client and their needs are different. It seems we all face this, especially entrepreneurs and leaders because you often don’t have a specific manual to follow like you did in school.

Culturally, we tend to be risk adverse because our minds believe it’s safer to rely on physical eyesight, but the real source of “knowing” is inside the intuitive heart space.

Life has taught me that it’s riskier to ignore my intuition than to trust it, so I’m a different kind of risk adverse these days. 

So that was my “a ha” the night before the soul pups came out of hiding.

Back to our pups: “Sathena” was curled up and only 12 weeks when we met, and I was focused on calming her, building a bond, so verifying her gender didn’t cross my mind till our vet visit early that week. She was a boy, and his name was Zeus! I was so in love that it never occurred to me to give him back.

However, my immediate response, was, “Oh no! I left Sathena.” Luckily no one had adopted her (puppies usually go fast).

Sathena came home with us on Feb 20th, exactly 7 months after I transitioned Sadie, 7 days after Zeus came home. They were both born on or around my birthday. Couldn’t ask for better belated birthday gifts. 🙂

And, though I was incredibly sad to know they had to survive a blizzard and be on their own for 3 months, I appreciate the opportunity they provide as I have to help them stop hiding.

The “mistaken” genders represented online and bringing Zeus home was serendipitous. Not only did it ensure I got them both but it also gave them seven days apart to break the fear-clinging. Both are doing great in their training.

Oh, and though at the time, it seemed crazy for me to adopt any dog period because my moving date was March 15th, it turns out that the date wasn’t even right. I was moving in April, so we had more time.

Intuition usually clashes with logic in the moment, but if you take the leap of faith and trust your heart over your mind, hindsight will explain why it all makes sense.

As I’m training them, I can hear my words sending a message that I need to heed, too. Initially, I started rewarding Zeus as he came out of hiding and withholding treats when he was hiding.

So, wrapping this up, their first lesson: When you hide, you miss out on treats. It’s true that exposure may leave you vulnerable to rejection (not everyone is meant to be with the real you, personally or professionally). But, it’s the only way to be open to the right people and opportunities for you.

Intuition ultimately comes into play as we live from the heart trusting our own unique discretion to guide us. Trust it, and treats follow.