How does the Confident Presence Audio Mindshifter help?

This Bridgenosis® audio is packed with a number of suggestions to shift your mindset. Overcome scarcity mindset around time, money, and resources as well as increase joy. Release any undeserving dialogue and concerns that you are bad if you express boundaries with others. Trust yourself to know who to trust. For managers of people, know when to give second chances and when to put your foot down.

Stop skimming by and hustling as a habit. Embrace mindset
that welcomes prosperity, joy, and stability instead. All of this will increase your sales, and you will see prosperity come in the form of time, money, partnerships, and resources.

Finally, for those who think you can’t have it all-enough time for success, prosperity, joy with your family and in your personal life, etc., this download will positively shift you into believing the positive opposite.

Note that if there are topics that don’t apply to you, your mind will ignore them. Set the intention to allow for the necessary shifts before you listen.

When faced with difficult decisions and important choices working through the Bridgenosis Self-Guided Entrepreneur Mindshifter helped me feel more confident in the steps I was taking. My thoughts of second guessing and aversions to risk were reduced, and I felt calm in the face of decision making. A truly exceptional experience.
FCI, Entrepreneur and business owner , Washington, D.C.

Related Assessment Statements (and additional statements): Did ANY of these strongly resonate with you? If so, this Bridgenosis® audio will help you.

  • I have a fear of making mistakes and being imperfect. Look for what’s wrong. Critical.
  • I feel anxious at times or have a fear of receiving negative feedback and criticism.  
  • Afraid of being belittled (maybe afraid of social media public speaking).
  • I have fear of failure. (Or I’m not making my numbers, and I see evidence of failure on the horizon.)
  • There’s nobody but me that can do this as well as I can. Fear of delegating, letting go of control.
  • I feel self-conscious (afraid I’m not good enough or perfect enough) when I’m presenting, pitching, sales calling, and/or networking (or exhibiting). And/Or Fear of embarrassment.
  • I have at least some fear of rejection and take it personally when someone doesn’t want my service or product. Feel deflated.
  • I often procrastinate organizing my stack of sales lead business cards and sending them to the appropriate colleagues in other territories.
  • I have an underlying fear of being belittled by others.
  • I don’t always stand as straight as I should when presenting, exhibiting, and networking.
  • I feel self-conscious (afraid I’m not good enough or perfect enough) when I’m presenting, exhibiting, and/or networking (or pitching or sales call).
  • I can be pushy or aggressive at times. I would like to be more balanced and authentic.