Laura Palmer, Founder and Chief Mindshifter of Bridgenosis, discusses the impact procrastination can have on our lives and businesses and what to do about it. She speaks from her experiences as a mental performance coach for mindful leaders and athletes and leadership facilitator.

You may have already read articles about this pointing out fear of failure, fear of making mistakes and overall perfectionism driving procrastination. After all if you don’t start or finish, then you can’t fail, be imperfect or making any mistakes. At the subconscious level, triggers around these things happening can feel very real as anxiety and straight-up fear block you from moving forward.

You may be wondering, does this really apply to me? How exactly does my mind operate against me when I’m trying to move forward? How do I stop it?

Here are some examples of how this can impact you: See if you can relate to the overall situations I’m describing even if your facts are different.

  • You’ve been the VP of your department in a large company for several years. You’re a little bored and can’t see a way to advance into higher levels of leadership and decision-making. Feeling unmotivated at not yourself.
  • There’s a project that isn’t getting done. You feel overwhelmed. You’re waiting on others to give you info that is needed to complete it.
  • It’s difficult to prioritize. You’re totally distracted by email. It’s uncomfortable to not constantly check email because everyone is expressing they need you.
  • Your boss is overly critical to a point of it not being useful because it’s so harsh and picky.
  • You’re not fully present at home and have a short temper.

If you’re a CEO and experiencing employees who are procrastinating or your business is not moving forward on some important projects-they keep getting placed on the back burner, then the patterns I’m about to likely unpack apply to you.

  • What’s really happening in the mind in these kinds scenarios?
  • So, what do you want your subconscious to believe instead?
  • It’s not your intuition that’s wrong. It’s your capacity to hear, trust and follow it that needs strengthening.
  • How do you strengthen your capacity to follow your intuition.
  • So, what happened to the leaders who fit this scenario in my cases?
  • How long did it take?
  • Tip: How to tell when your subconscious auto-pilot is hijacking your innervoice?

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