Laura Palmer of Bridgenosis, discusses a stealthy pattern that most leaders don’t realize is at play or simply accept it because they either believe it so strongly or don’t know how to change it.  She also talks about how to reprogram. Here are some examples of how this deep-seated pattern is disrupting your leadership, life, and organization: (Hint: Perceptive, empathetic leaders struggle the most with this.)

Scenario 1: You’re depleted at work; you can’t seem to get to the projects you consciously prioritize that you know are most important. People are constantly emailing, calling, walking into your office, or otherwise needing your attention. And, you’re responding to just about everyone of them. You may feel too tired to give your loved ones attention when you’re home.
If you’re a CEO: Either or both your strategy time is on the backburner or you’re loosing sleep because you have to focus on this at night since your day is high-jacked. And, you’re employees are less productive because they aren’t totally focused and lack some confidence to do what is needed.

Scenario 2: You’re employees/team isn’t getting everything done that is needed; they lack direction and aren’t taking the initiative you want them to take.

Scenario 3: You have an employee (maybe a VP if you’re the CEO, someone on the team you manage or a work colleague that you must collaborate with) that does what he or she wants and even goes around you to get their way. They make it very difficult for you to stand your ground. You want to collaborate but this person isn’t meeting you half-way. They are the anti-collaborator doing it all on their own and making themselves irreplaceable.

Scenario 4: You have trouble asking for money. This may be when you need to collect money from your clients who didn’t automatically pay your first invoice. This may be from investors who are essential to your company’s success. This may kick-in during a consultative sales call when it’s time to discuss rates and costs.

Scenario 5: You’re in financial debt or you have a strong fear of going into debt and not having enough.

If you are interested in training your mind to trust your GPS to help smooth out your reinvention process, check out how to work with Bridgenosis. Laura would be excited and honored to help you.

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