How does the Think Abundantly Audio Mindshifter help?

This Bridgenosis® audio is packed with a number of suggestions to shift your mindset. Overcome scarcity mindset around time, money, and resources as well as increase joy. Release any undeserving dialogue and concerns that you are bad if you express boundaries with others. Trust yourself to know who to trust. For managers of people, know when to give second chances and when to put your foot down.

Stop skimming by and hustling as a habit. Embrace mindset
that welcomes prosperity, joy, and stability instead. All of this will increase your sales, and you will see prosperity come in the form of time, money, partnerships, and resources.

Finally, for those who think you can’t have it all-enough time for success, prosperity, joy with your family and in your personal life, etc., this download will positively shift you into believing the positive opposite.

Note that if there are topics that don’t apply to you, your mind will ignore them. Set the intention to allow for the necessary shifts before you listen.

I had a strong fear of asking for money that was really tripping me up as a startup entrepreneur for a business that requires funding. I did the jumpstarter call with Laura and dove into the audios, with “Think Abundantly” being the key audio mindshifter to help me overcome this. I shifted quickly during our call before even listening because we EFTed the deep-rooted belief I had that taking money from others was bad. Since then, I have landed investors and am moving with a raising additional funds. I highly recommend this to any entrepreneur who is stuck. Laura is compassionate, efficient and truly cares about my progress. The audios are super relaxing and transformative. Do it!

Startup Entrepreneur, San Francisco, California

Related Assessment Statements: Did ANY of these strongly resonate with you? If so, this Bridgenosis® audio will help you.

  • I feel overwhelmed and/or unprepared to manage my (or my team’s) entire business…I don’t identify with some of the roles I need to play as a entrepreneur.

  • I’m afraid to scale.

  • I’m not qualified to do all this.

  • I feel like there’s never enough time, energy, money, and/or resources to get everything done.

  • I’m afraid of running out of money.

  • I feel I have to choose between having an abundance of time, money, and joy. I can’t have them all.

  • When it comes to being an entrepreneur or selling or manager, I’m not comfortable wearing every hat that I can’t really delegate.

  • I have an underlying fear that taking money from someone is bad, even though I’m providing them a service in exchange.

  • I don’t deserve prosperity. I’m overly concerned for others, giving too many chances, or trusting too easily.

  • I feel like my brain is on information overload with all the emails, social media, and internet distractions. It’s hard to focus these days.