How does the Staying Confident Audio Mindshifter help?

In order to stay confident, you have to be in control. They key is automatically focusing only on what you can directly control and then letting go of the rest. Translation: Control how you feel and respond to other people and situations. Do only what you are inspired to do. Stay confident in you. Don’t get distracted and react. No fear. No judgement, only discretion.

It may sound cheesey, but sales and partnerships can happen magically when you feel joyful and have genuine self-love and strong belief in your offering. I don’t mean arrogance or selfishness. Rather, allowing yourself to feel peace free from conditions, outcomes, or expectations. When there are no strings attached at the heart center, you can connect with others authentically. People can sense authenticity and will buy more from you if they trust you. If you feel good about you, others will sense it and feel good too.

This “dog eat dog” world doesn’t have to be your world. Overcome any fears of being belittled or attacked that may impact how much attention you give competition, which should be very little, and what type of clients you are attracting. It may also negatively impact you when you are speaking and trying to read an audience. By turning your attention towards what you have to offer and away from competition or judgmental assumptions, you invite others to do the same.

Overcome feelings of unworthiness as though you’re on the outside looking in at everyone else’s sales successes. Finally life doesn’t have to be difficult. Delete this subconscious belief if want life to be easier.

I grew up in a family that didn’t have much money, so I always felt like prosperity was for others. I didn’t realize it until going through the Bridgenosis process, but this pattern was holding me back as a CEO. This strand of doubt was impacting my ability to increase sales because I didn’t believe I deserved the financial success. Before becoming a CEO, I never really had to face this belief. I was fairly confident in sales when it was for someone else’s company. Since listening to the audios, I now feel a peace, confidence and worthiness that I have never before felt, and it has stayed with me. And, my sales have increased dramatically. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to increase they confidence, happiness, and prosperity.
Entrepreneur and business owner, Salt Lake City, Utah

Related Assessment Statements: Did ANY of these strongly resonate with you? If so, this Bridgenosis® audio will help you.

  • Sometimes I’m afraid huge sales successes and prosperity are for others, not for me unless I’m working super hard. On the outside.
  • It’s a “dog eat dog” world, especially in sales and competition.
  • I sometimes fluctuate between feeling inferior, less than and feeling overly confident or superior. People have said I seem arrogant or aloof or intimidating.
  • I often feel I have to protect from being attacked either by competition or difficult clients.
  • I sometimes attack competition before they can do it to me.
  • I don’t like speaking up and setting boundaries or confronting others when something uncomfortable needs to be discussed.
  • I have a fear of missing out, so I get impatient and have trouble slowing down. I’m more comfortable moving fast.
  • I feel stuck in the grind and don’t feel joy, love, and wisdom in my daily life and work. (and/or) I would like to feel more of it.
  • I have an underlying fear of being belittled by others and want to hide behind the booth.
  • I’m perceptive and sometimes pick up others’ negative moods and energy to my detriment. Makes trade shows/conferences/networking a bit overwhelming and exhausting.
  • If I’m not physically or personally in control of a task or situation, crap will hit the fan.
  • Fear of delegation.
  • Things go wrong when I’m not involved.
  • When things don’t go as planned, I get stressed-start focusing on how to control what I can’t control.
  • I’m having trouble hiring reliable contractors/employees.