How does the Confident in My Worth Audio Mindshifter help?

“After listening to the second Bridgenosis audio for two nights, I can already tell my head feels lighter and calmer. I notice that I don’t overreact as much-which is amazing. I use to be so aggravated in knowing I had to deal with disgruntled employees and would procrastinate in dealing with the confrontational discussion. Now I’m more neutral, just a little bit of procrastination, but I dive right in.”
A.I., Human Resources Director, Washington, D.C.

Related Mindset Assessment Statements: Do ANY of these strongly resonate with you? If so, this audio will help you.

  • I’m afraid if I’m not giving all the time, then I won’t receive because I’m only valuable when I’m giving.
  • I’m only valuable when I’m doing or producing for others.
  • I will often forego sleep, taking time to eat well or exercise, and/or can’t fully relax on vacations.
  • I feel guilty when I say no to others, fear they won’t be helped without me, so it’s hard for me to guard my time. My schedule is often out of balance.
  • I’m afraid I’m not good enough. I’m unworthy of success as an entrepreneur. What if I’m an imposter?

In this Bridgenosis® audio, you will have the opportunity to delete the limiting belief, “I’m only valuable when I’m producing or doing for others.” Why delete such a belief? Won’t it make you unproductive, lazy, and less valuable? Actually, it will increase your productivity and value. Recruitment, productivity, and sales will also increase for you and your organization. And, you will be healthier and more balanced-have a better life.

Here’s why and how: When you have a subconscious auto-pilot that always believes you are only valuable when you are doing and producing, then when your internal compass is directing you to take a break or vacation, go play, relax and do nothing by the water, focus on caring for yourself, get some sleep, exercise, and a number of other activities or non-activities that are essential to your health, then you can’t be present with yourself. You will feel stressed and invaluable during these times. This results in self-neglect or inability to commit to yourself and sharing joyful times with others.

It can also impede your ability to create work-life balance, lose weight or take up fun hobbies. You also become less productive and valuable because you get worn down and your actions and behaviors are not coming from your wise internal compass.

Rather, you are just busy “doing” on auto-pilot and counter-productive. And, as you may know, more “a ha” moments come when you step away from doing.

Inside your organization, it results in a LOT of wasted time, energy and money. People are energetically tied to you and your beliefs, wanting to please you. If this is what you believe, they will keep themselves busy because they want to be perceived as being valuable; yet, as described above, the doing is not wise, creative or resourceful. It’s superficial and counterproductive. It wears them down and makes them less valuable.

You may have heard of the Pareto Principle where you focus your energy on a few activities that will produce tremendous results. By clearing out this limiting thought pattern, you and your organization will become more laser-focused on what matters, allowing for greater productivity and an increase in sales. Less time “doing” also allows for a more balanced culture, which will promote even more creativity and innovation, increase sales, and attract the best talent.

Bottom-line is this: You’ll increase your sales, productivity, and accelerate your organization’s success when you know your value, trust yourself to focus on the important leads and activities, and make time to do only what it takes to create success. Plus you will be more balanced and happy and so will those who work for you.