How does the Confidently Waiting Audio Mindshifter help?

There’s a calm and confident space between having too much to do and not enough to do. Trust the timing, be comfortable during the ebb and the flow. There’s a time and place for patience when running a business. Allow yourself to be comfortable giving and receiving. If you are always giving, you can never receive, which blocks prosperity.

This Bridgenosis® audio also allows you to shift your response to others around you. Instead of getting caught in others’ negative thinking or emotions, you stay grounded and confident believing in yourself.

When you make the mindshifts suggested in this audio, you will attract your ideal clients/customers and partners.

As an entrepreneur, I have struggled with patience. I used to get really anxious and antsy during the ebb period that is natural in business. Instead of allowing myself to relax or focus on strategy or creative endeavors, I would focus on things that my mind believed I needed to do to get more business. I was spinning my wheels working way too many hours. After doing Bridgenosis, and specifically listening to the audio, Confidently Waiting, I am miraculously feeling at peace and patient during the ebbs. And, I notice the ebbs seems shorter and less frequent now. My life is more balanced, and I am able to give attention to all aspects of my business. I highly recommend Bridgenosis.

Related Assessment Statements: Did any of these strongly resonate with you? If so, this Bridgenosis® audio will help you.

  • I feel overwhelmed and/or unprepared to manage my (or my team’s) entire sales process.
  • I’m concerned about connecting with the right customer/client and/or enough customers/clients.
  • I often feel I have to protect from being attacked either by competition or difficult clients. AND/OR I sometimes attack competition before they can do it to me.
  • I’m uncomfortable when the tide ebbs, things are slow, and I’m just waiting on my efforts to turn into actual dollars received. Fear “it’s never going to happen.” Impatient. Antsy.
  • I feel a hinge of antsy and panicked around prospects and the timing of when they will sign up for my services/products and if enough people will sign up in time for me to pay bills and truly prosper, don’t fully believe serendipity will support me, afraid to trust divine timing, urge to follow-up too much.
  • I attract difficult people that drain me (customers, colleagues, boss, family, etc.).
  • I’m perceptive and pick up others’ negative energy to my detriment.
  • I get fixated on the very few people who are not satisfied with me. Hard to focus on the majority who appreciate what I’m offering.
  • I feel a pull to accept less than ideal clients and opportunities because I’m afraid I won’t get what I want.