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Stroke and Turn

My brilliant and inspirational client Gene Sanders, CEO for a major trade association, often sends candid and humorous updates to his network. Unsolicited and to my great appreciation, he's offered this one heartfelt and profound story as a guest blog post. Stroke and Turn I have many stories to tell, but the one I am [...]

3 Power Principles for Turning Your Resolutions into Reality

Winter Reflection Photo by Artist Marielle Looking around us now in the winter, the trees are naked. Without their leaves and blooms, it’s easy to wonder if they are still alive. It may even be depressing to look at the bare limbs, as you recall the beautiful colors they once created in the [...]

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FAQ: How are limiting beliefs formed, and why do I need help spotting them?

Most people deny they have limiting beliefs because they are held in the part of the mind that is out of our awareness. They are typically formed at an early age. Our subconscious, creative minds are dominant during the time we are focused on developing ourselves (0 to 10-12 years of age), and discernment is [...]

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Invest in Your Most Powerful Asset: You.

A number of clients have pointed out significant savings they were incurring from only one Bridgenosis session. One client stopped spending $600 per week ($2400 per month) on physical therapy and taking acid-reflux medication. Yet, I still receive calls from potential clients who hesitate to spend the money to improve their lives. Some may confuse value [...]

Learn How to Be A More Efficient Individual or Leader- From a Dog

Many of my clients know Sadie as the “Director of Relaxation” at Bridgenosis® LLC. She has nicknames such as “Sage,” to capture her pensive nature. Sadie Taking a Canine Cruise When she is present during sessions, she often gently and quietly comes over to the client at the perfect moment to offer some unconditional [...]

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How Mental Resolution of Chronic Pain Leads to More Joy and Success

Last week, I gave an example of illusion-spotting with a client. This week, I’ll tell you about how I do it with myself. A few months ago, I got the urge to train for a third marathon. It has been four years since my last, and my first two experiences were less than joyful. Naturally, [...]

How Eliminating a Gluten Intolerance with Hypnosis Helped One Leader Get Promoted

When clients come to me with goals or issues, I start the session by searching for the underlying limiting beliefs. Here’s what we uncovered in one gluten intolerance case: It began when he was experiencing extremely stressful work circumstances. All of his time and attention were focused on the stressful situation. He was taking responsibility [...]

AmeriCAN Series Part 6: How leaders and individuals can win like Olympians with Hypnosis.

Part 5 explains the mind’s internal judicial system. The more we understand and harness it, the less we need to seek refuge in outward judicial systems. Key Points: Focus, belief and intention play a powerful role in creating outward evidence that such focal points, beliefs and intentions are real. Whether one is focusing on, believing in [...]

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Increase Your Value By Taming Your Internal Alarm System

In last week's blog, I talked about our outdated internal false alarm systems that cause us to feel stressed at work and in relationships. This week, let’s discuss how the mind forms these triggers. Awareness of the process can help tame the alarms. The brain has a powerful, infinite storage drive in the subconscious, creative [...]

By | March 9th, 2012|Anxiety, Efficiency, Hypnotherapy, Relaxation|4 Comments

Dismantle Your Internal False Alarms

The other night my fire alarm went off while I was away from home. It didn’t stop sounding, so my kind neighbor had the fire department come to potentially rescue my dog and our building. They broke my locks and inspected the premises only to find a faulty fire alarm, which they dismantled for me. [...]

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