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Podcast Episodes 7 & 8: Strengthen Your Deception Detector, Remove Blind Spots

Laura Palmer, Founder and Chief Mindshifter of Bridgenosis, discusses the impact deception can have on our lives and businesses and what to do about it. She speaks from her experiences as a mental performance coach for mindful leaders and athletes. Many of her clients are highly perceptive people who can easily read others and even pick [...]

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Episode 2: How Imposter Syndrome is showing up and you don’t know it.

Lisa Mitchell of Power Body Language and Laura Palmer of Bridgenosis continue their discussion of how limiting beliefs create imposter syndrome, which play out in your leadership and organization and what to do about it. If you are interested in training your mind to trust your GPS, check out how to work with Bridgenosis. Want [...]

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How my puppies are curing me of “risk aversion.”

If you are risk adverse-tend to trust what you already think you know and think it's a risk to follow your heart-this is especially for you. Warning: This is personal. First: Introducing the Bridgenosis VPs of Wisdom and Joy, Sathena and Zeus, who have already taught me so much, starting with a lesson on trusting intuition over logic, [...]

Which fish will you be in 2016?

This popular question of the role over- and under-empathetic tendencies play in our culture has been on my mind for a couple of years now both personally and professionally as a hypnotherapist specializing in helping over-achievers and leaders. Over the holidays, my observations of nature inspired me to see it in a new light. With [...]

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Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety Part 1.

Hiring a public speaking coach to become a better speaker is not enough if anxiety and nervousness are at play. There's something else you need to add to your tool kit. Most talented public speaking coaches will teach you valuable verbal and nonverbal communication tactics, some of which can help you move through the anxiety. What if I told [...]

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Overcome Social Anxiety.

In my work as a hypnotherapist for high achievers, I have found that many are silent sufferers of social anxiety. It's not enough to just visualize your self as calm and confident in these settings. The subconscious is too clever for that to really work in most cases. Here's what will. For entrepreneurs and other [...]

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How you can help turn the economy around.

It's easier than we "think" it is. Case study below. First: We (us: humans) created the economy. Leaders and entrpreneurs are in the main driver seat. Second: More and more leaders, especially entrepreneurs, are starting to realize the value of being able to hear and follow your gut or intuition to accelerate success and by-pass [...]

ONE step you must take to increase sales.

“My sales reps are in conflict with each other, competing for more time and attention to their products and services. It’s disrupting my business. Instead of cross-referring and collaborative promoting to increase sales, they are attempting to hoard client attention. I worry this is giving off a bad vibe, even if the clients are consciously [...]

Are you Overlooking this Factor when Assessing Risk?

Back in 2004, I found myself dangling my rear off a mountain in Skagway, Alaska—my legs were shaking, and I could feel a panic attack forming in my chest as I looked over my shoulder to see that I was thousands of feet in the sky. (Big mistake to look out, although a calmer me [...]

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The shocking truth about conflict – can you really leverage conflict to grow your company?

Leaders: Do you ever feel like, “I could really move things forward if it weren’t for all those annoying people issues.” What if we told you that the very things that annoy and frustrate you could be the catalyst to huge growth for your firm? Executive Coach Tom Cooper of Brighthill Group, interviewed me for his CEO [...]

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