Why Unconditional Self-Love is Key to Organizational Success

Let me be clear that unconditional self-love does not mean tolerating negative behavior. Nor does it mean being selfish or greedy. I'm talking about self-perception, which ultimately drives our ability to trust and believe in ourselves, which in turn affects how we perceive others and the decisions we make. Self-perception (including any limiting beliefs) is [...]

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Is Your Mind Delaying or Driving Your Business?

Sometimes law of attraction can be a real bitch, especially when your subconscious mind is a runaway train creating circumstances that you don’t want. This notion that we create our own “realities” feels frustrating and humbling when we don’t know what thoughts are driving the train. Our minds can become like crowded train stations. [...]

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How to Convert the Information Age from a Burden to a Gift.

Is the Information Technology Age a gift or burden? It’s up to you. Sensory overload is not the Digital Age's Fault. Last weekend, I lost my iphone in the Shenandoah Mountains. Although I value it tremendously and even rely on it, after getting over the initial annoyance, I felt a sense of peace. Just before [...]

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Invest in Your Most Powerful Asset: You.

A number of clients have pointed out significant savings they were incurring from only one Bridgenosis session. One client stopped spending $600 per week ($2400 per month) on physical therapy and taking acid-reflux medication. Yet, I still receive calls from potential clients who hesitate to spend the money to improve their lives. Some may confuse value [...]

Learn How to Be A More Efficient Individual or Leader- From a Dog

Many of my clients know Sadie as the “Director of Relaxation” at Bridgenosis® LLC. She has nicknames such as “Sage,” to capture her pensive nature. Sadie Taking a Canine Cruise When she is present during sessions, she often gently and quietly comes over to the client at the perfect moment to offer some unconditional [...]

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How Eliminating a Gluten Intolerance with Hypnosis Helped One Leader Get Promoted

When clients come to me with goals or issues, I start the session by searching for the underlying limiting beliefs. Here’s what we uncovered in one gluten intolerance case: It began when he was experiencing extremely stressful work circumstances. All of his time and attention were focused on the stressful situation. He was taking responsibility [...]

Jump off the Runaway Time Train of Inefficiency-Relaxation and Awareness Lead to Efficient Expansion

Do you ever feel like you are riding a runaway time train struggling to have time for all that you want to do? I personally have a million excuses and reasons as to why I did not blog for the entire spring season, and part of me peacefully embraces the idea that everything happens as [...]

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Increase Your Value By Taming Your Internal Alarm System

In last week's blog, I talked about our outdated internal false alarm systems that cause us to feel stressed at work and in relationships. This week, let’s discuss how the mind forms these triggers. Awareness of the process can help tame the alarms. The brain has a powerful, infinite storage drive in the subconscious, creative [...]

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Dismantle Your Internal False Alarms

The other night my fire alarm went off while I was away from home. It didn’t stop sounding, so my kind neighbor had the fire department come to potentially rescue my dog and our building. They broke my locks and inspected the premises only to find a faulty fire alarm, which they dismantled for me. [...]

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Revitalize your mental drainage system with these tips to think clearly and have a productive day.

A friend was at my home recently helping me with a house project and he noticed one of my plants. He said, “this type of plant loves to be soaked with water, but you have to drain it,” as he picked it up and showed me the solid bottom trapping the water. “If you don’t [...]

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