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How my puppies are curing me of “risk aversion.”

If you are risk adverse-tend to trust what you already think you know and think it's a risk to follow your heart-this is especially for you. Warning: This is personal. First: Introducing the Bridgenosis VPs of Wisdom and Joy, Sathena and Zeus, who have already taught me so much, starting with a lesson on trusting intuition over logic, [...]

How you can help turn the economy around.

It's easier than we "think" it is. Case study below. First: We (us: humans) created the economy. Leaders and entrpreneurs are in the main driver seat. Second: More and more leaders, especially entrepreneurs, are starting to realize the value of being able to hear and follow your gut or intuition to accelerate success and by-pass [...]

Stroke and Turn

My brilliant and inspirational client Gene Sanders, CEO for a major trade association, often sends candid and humorous updates to his network. Unsolicited and to my great appreciation, he's offered this one heartfelt and profound story as a guest blog post. Stroke and Turn I have many stories to tell, but the one I am [...]

Invest in Your Most Powerful Asset: You.

A number of clients have pointed out significant savings they were incurring from only one Bridgenosis session. One client stopped spending $600 per week ($2400 per month) on physical therapy and taking acid-reflux medication. Yet, I still receive calls from potential clients who hesitate to spend the money to improve their lives. Some may confuse value [...]

How Mental Resolution of Chronic Pain Leads to More Joy and Success

Last week, I gave an example of illusion-spotting with a client. This week, I’ll tell you about how I do it with myself. A few months ago, I got the urge to train for a third marathon. It has been four years since my last, and my first two experiences were less than joyful. Naturally, [...]

How Eliminating a Gluten Intolerance with Hypnosis Helped One Leader Get Promoted

When clients come to me with goals or issues, I start the session by searching for the underlying limiting beliefs. Here’s what we uncovered in one gluten intolerance case: It began when he was experiencing extremely stressful work circumstances. All of his time and attention were focused on the stressful situation. He was taking responsibility [...]