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Podcast Episodes 7 & 8: Strengthen Your Deception Detector, Remove Blind Spots

Laura Palmer, Founder and Chief Mindshifter of Bridgenosis, discusses the impact deception can have on our lives and businesses and what to do about it. She speaks from her experiences as a mental performance coach for mindful leaders and athletes. Many of her clients are highly perceptive people who can easily read others and even pick [...]

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How my puppies are curing me of “risk aversion.”

If you are risk adverse-tend to trust what you already think you know and think it's a risk to follow your heart-this is especially for you. Warning: This is personal. First: Introducing the Bridgenosis VPs of Wisdom and Joy, Sathena and Zeus, who have already taught me so much, starting with a lesson on trusting intuition over logic, [...]

How you can help turn the economy around.

It's easier than we "think" it is. Case study below. First: We (us: humans) created the economy. Leaders and entrpreneurs are in the main driver seat. Second: More and more leaders, especially entrepreneurs, are starting to realize the value of being able to hear and follow your gut or intuition to accelerate success and by-pass [...]

How My Dog Taught Me To Face Change With Ease

With summer on it’s way out and fall arriving, we are reminded, “Nothing lasts forever. Change is inevitable.” Bittersweet. When times are tough, this truth reassures and comforts us, “This too will pass.” Yet, when times are wonderful and you never want the circumstances to change, this truth tugs sadly at the heart. And, of [...]

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What’s the real cause of organizational conflict?

Two team heads had been sabotaging each other for a couple of years. The bad part is that their teams need to be collaborating, but the disrespect between the team leaders trickled down. It's probably obvious to you that this was inefficient, caused issues with service quality and a number of other problems inside the organization. [...]

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How To Know When Persistence Does NOT Pay Off Beforehand

Since spring is the time to burst from the ground into action, it's good to know when to be persistent and when to step back. Learn from my mistakes... Picture the Kool-Aid Man bursting through the wall only to be greeted by a street gang in a dark alley. Definitely not what he was expecting. [...]

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How to Master “Less is More” Part 3

In my last posts, How to Master Less is More Part 1 and Part 2,  I proposed three reasons for failure to achieve more by doing less, which is the hallmark principle of those who are able to live magical lives. The first two were explained. Now for the last reason. As a reminder, essentially, most folks: 1) [...]

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How to Master “Less is More”

Have you ever envied the person who does most things sub-par and still creates tremendous success and genuinely lives a happy “balanced” life? This and follow-up posts examine what keeps most people from being able to accomplish this and what to do about it. As many books state, the secret is reducing “to dos” (less [...]

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Old Dog Teaches Angry Bird (and Me) New Trick

I don’t know which came first: the angry birds or the angry humans. But I do know we can learn from the angry birds how to reach peak performance in our organizations and how to live more successful lives. Consider for a moment these scenarios as you read my story and see if your mind [...]

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Memorial Day Gratitude and the 80/20 Pareto Principle

Photo Courtesy of U.S. Navy Like many of you, on this Memorial Day, I'm feeling a strong appreciation for those who are serving and have served our country and for the loved ones of those who have given their lives to ensure our security and freedom. If this is you, I hope you [...]

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