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Founder and Chief Mindshifter Alexandria, VA

Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety Part 5: Beat Imposter Syndrome

In Part 4 of this overcoming communication and public speaking anxieties, we talked about how a subconscious sense of over-responsibility can add unwanted stress especially when the stakes feel high. I mentioned that experts are often facing this fear before speaking. Today, we're going to discuss another underlying stressor: Imposter Syndrome. I'm convinced that everyone [...]

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Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety Part 4: When Stakes Are High.

Have you ever panicked when your speaking engagement or presentation relayed information that: People did not want to hear (but needed) and/or Would significantly impact their decisions, which would drastically impact many people, a lot of money, or how people live (stakes are high)? This is common for attorneys, economic and engineering consultants, science policy [...]

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Overcome Public Speaking Part 3: How to Stop Worrying

Are you the type of public speaker who will stress and worry over your presentation for days and weeks to come before the engagement? I've had several clients like you (and I have done it myself, in law school). You over-prepare and then perform a little like a robot? The most common patterns behind this [...]

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Which fish will you be in 2016?

This popular question of the role over- and under-empathetic tendencies play in our culture has been on my mind for a couple of years now both personally and professionally as a hypnotherapist specializing in helping over-achievers and leaders. Over the holidays, my observations of nature inspired me to see it in a new light. With [...]

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Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety Part 2: Be the Gift

As I explained in my last post, public speaking anxiety is just a symptom of a chronic limiting belief(s) that is expired and ready to be deleted from your subconscious mind. That post details a few specific limiting patterns that may be holding you back. In this post, we'll discuss a few more. A number [...]

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Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety Part 1.

Hiring a public speaking coach to become a better speaker is not enough if anxiety and nervousness are at play. There's something else you need to add to your tool kit. Most talented public speaking coaches will teach you valuable verbal and nonverbal communication tactics, some of which can help you move through the anxiety. What if I told [...]

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Overcome Social Anxiety.

In my work as a hypnotherapist for high achievers, I have found that many are silent sufferers of social anxiety. It's not enough to just visualize your self as calm and confident in these settings. The subconscious is too clever for that to really work in most cases. Here's what will. For entrepreneurs and other [...]

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How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome Now.

An in-depth explanation: Here's why trying to control your thoughts isn't working and what you should do instead. Laura Palmer discusses her own personal journey with imposter syndrome and how it unlocked a new empowering solution that you can use. There is no need to be blocked as an entrepreneur when it's this easy to [...]

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How you can help turn the economy around.

It's easier than we "think" it is. Case study below. First: We (us: humans) created the economy. Leaders and entrpreneurs are in the main driver seat. Second: More and more leaders, especially entrepreneurs, are starting to realize the value of being able to hear and follow your gut or intuition to accelerate success and by-pass [...]

How My Dog Taught Me To Face Change With Ease

With summer on it’s way out and fall arriving, we are reminded, “Nothing lasts forever. Change is inevitable.” Bittersweet. When times are tough, this truth reassures and comforts us, “This too will pass.” Yet, when times are wonderful and you never want the circumstances to change, this truth tugs sadly at the heart. And, of [...]

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