Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about how and why Bridgenosis® helps leaders, entrepreneurial and organizations to quickly and powerfully accelerate through cutting edge tools that tap into the creative mind. If you have additional questions and wish to reach us via email, contact us here.

For Entrepreneurial Spirits

Yes. The in-depth answer is here in this video. It’s actually very easy to reprogram your subconscious to transform the limiting beliefs that drive imposter syndrome. After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, it became clear to Laura that everyone has the same limiting beliefs.

Determined to help as many entrepreneurs as possible without costing much time or money, she created a unique and effective Deep-dive Mindshift Accelerator to help entrepreneurs spot and eliminate the 40+ limiting beliefs that plague entrepreneurs (and thus our economy). Get started with the self-guided program (includes 60-minute jumpstarter call) or choose from one of two combo options that include more in-depth coaching. Stop letting limiting beliefs take up your time, energy, and money. Get out of your own way by jumping into the program. It will not take much of your time at all.

As of 2016, we are automatically giving new clients access to this program, so you can continue the shifting on your own after your initial hands on session.

A more in-depth explanation is found in the Case Studies.

Listen to a short podcast interview of Laura Palmer to learn how to bridge the gap between conflict and success by shifting the mindset of leaders.

Here’s the semi-short answer: If the organization is only going to invest in the Bridgenosis® process with one person, it should be the CEO (or organizational head).

When you make shifts in your perspective, which changes your behaviors, decisions, and communications, everyone you lead will respond.

Laura combines her background in understanding organizations from her experience as an employment attorney with her background and experience in the role she plays now as a leadership mental performance coach. She’s worked with hundreds of leaders at this point and realizes that the same limiting beliefs are inside every person and therefore organization, though they may drive different kinds of behavior.

She’s an expert at spotting the patterns and how they impact various areas of the business and leadership, and we then use powerful tools to change them rather quickly. She so eager to do this with as many leaders as possible.

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A wide range of people have had great success with Bridgenosis, and every one is a leader by our definition. We specialize in those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Most clients are over-achievers and/or over-thinkers eager to achieve peak performance and work-life balance. The same stumbling blocks we remove in Bridgenosis are inhibiting both.

The one requirement is that you have a conscience. People with some level of empathy are ideal clients. We have had great success with people who have come who said, “I wish I could feel more empathy…I feel bad I’m not more empathetic.” Just that statement alone says you have a conscience and the capacity for more empathy. Most clients tend to swing the other direction-overly empathetic to their own detriment. Bridgenosis helps with this, too.

People who are driven by a desire to make a positive impact on their lives and the lives of others or in the world in some way are ideal clients. It doesn’t need to be a special cause of some sort. It’s more the attitude and outlook of the person.

And if you are an engineer, lawyer, accountant (or similar type of logical or analytical thinker) and feel you have little intuition or much access to your creative brain, that’s ok. You are accessing it more regularly than you realize already, and you will find that the process works well.  Don’t let that deter you. Laura was very much in her head as a practicing lawyer when she fell into this, and it worked.

For Organizations

A more in-depth explanation is found in the Case Studies.

Here’s the short answer: The same underlying limiting beliefs are causing the same stress that is showing up in relationships, in one’s professional life, and in every other aspect of one’s life, including their performance. Thus, by identifying and shifting core stress-causing underlying limiting beliefs, Bridgenosis® offers one simple, customized process that offers multi-layered results. Each session, including the approach and tools taught and created, is tailored to each individual. No two sessions are exactly alike.

>> Eager to learn what Bridgenosis can do for your organization? Sign-up here to schedule a complimentary call with Laura.

In short, your organization will save money, and it will make more money.

You and your employees make up your most valuable asset. Your mind and your intuition combined create your value, and this permeates every level of your life and every role you play within the organization. When you invest in the most valuable asset of your organization, you save time and money, and you increase your organization’s profits and overall success. Conflicts and lawsuits are deficits when you don’t address the root cause. Many companies have elaborate “negative” strategies that translate into exorbitant legal fees and do not create lasting solutions.

Bridgenosis® views the conflicts to determine what limiting beliefs are at play causing them, and we spot the systematic themes. Then, we use simple tools to clear the limitations. Deficit lowers (meaning the organization spends less on its negative strategy and the costs associated with the conflicts), and profits/success increases.

In addition, when organizations employ Bridgenosis® as an employee benefit, the costs associated with stress go down and employee engagement and productivity go up.

We always recommend introducing Bridgenosis as a gift. Consent, choice, and confidentiality between the person in the session and Bridgenosis are key. Without these, no changes will be made during the process because ultimately the person is in complete control of making changes.

We will ask the person what they wish to focus on during the session. It may be a goal, a stressor, a conflict, a better golf game or any number of topics. It doesn’t have to be work-related for the session to profoundly impact their work and the organization.

You see, the same limiting beliefs that will be uncovered and shifted relating to whatever topic the person chooses will also impact their work performance and behavior. So, there’s no need to present Bridgenosis as a conflict resolver or some other negative light.

No. The opposite. Bridgenosis can not and will not be used to provide anyone with suggestions that go against their moral compasses. It only works as well as the person who allows it to work. They must choose to take the suggestions. The ultimate suggestion given in the beginning of the process is to ensure the person’s wise internal compass is actually in charge, interpreting, translating, and revising the words and feeding suggestions to one’s subconscious around changes that need to be made for greater trust in one’s self.

Everything is geared towards helping the person to trust their own GPS rather than performing on auto-pilot against themselves. When you have your people accessing their own wisdom, passions, and gifts, you have them at their greatest capacity. It’s freeing and joyful for them and greatly benefits the organization. Also, in order for Bridgenosis to benefit the organization as a whole, the leaders must do it or else the employees and the leadership will be out of sync.

About Limiting Beliefs

We all have an internal compass, gut or intuition that knows what is best deep inside. Sometimes we listen to it; sometimes we don’t, and we regret it. That “I knew it” moment when something unfolds in a negative way after we ignored our internal voice can be common for most of us. Limiting beliefs are what keep us from trusting ourselves, and they waste time, energy, and money. They are fragmented beliefs about ourselves, others and the world that are false and conflict with our intuitive wisdom. This is at the core of imposter syndrome.

When you are younger and still developing as a human, you live in limited environments, are limited to being dependent upon certain people, and are limited in your freedom and even resources. For this time period, in order to survive, your subconscious develops beliefs and habits, which are only useful during that limited period of time. Hence, the term “limiting beliefs.” And, they often mean disconnecting from your own wise internal compass.

But, this disconnection is only supposed to be temporary.

Once you are older, independent, and away from your old circumstances, the limiting beliefs expire–their usefulness disappears and they actually work against you. Luckily, it’s easy to upgrade your software by communicating with the subconscious, which is what Bridgenosis does. Those habits and beliefs that are getting your way (that you may or not be consciously aware of) are not the way you are permanently wired, contrary to popular belief. They can be reprogrammed quickly and easily. This is what we do at Bridgenosis. We spot them, since they are usually hidden, and we transform them.

Example: If you are trying to correct typos or do accounting, perfectionism is handy. However, if you have a habit of automatically trying to perfect things, even when there is no standard to determine what is perfect, then it will lead you to work harder or go the other extreme and procrastinate. If you remove the automated perfectionism tendency, you will use it when you need it and not when you don’t.

Many of our entrepreneurs and executives have an unconscious belief, “There’s nobody but me that can do it as well as I can.” At the time they formed the belief, it was probably true. One experience where you can’t rely on someone else or find someone to help you with something can result in the mind forming such a generalized belief that it then continues to apply on auto-pilot even when there are people who can help. Your perception will miss these opportunities or find reason to distrust people when it’s not warranted. Ironically, you may even decide to hire someone against your gut because you don’t believe you will find better. This will then create more evidence that you can’t rely on others. Organizational Result: Entrepreneur/Executive has trouble delegating, hiring, and/or retaining reliable people. Bridgenosis® clients who clear this belief have actually experienced a positive organizational change in all three of these areas. Not to mention, it transform your personal life and health.
Most people deny they have limiting beliefs because they are held in the part of the mind that is out of our awareness. These beliefs are typically formed at an early age. Our subconscious, creative minds are dominant during the time we are focused on developing ourselves (up to 10-12 years of age), and discernment is barely developed at this stage. Therefore, our minds absorb and for judgments (instead of discernment) through associations and literal translation many fragmented over- and under-inclusive (hence: limiting) beliefs about ourselves that are simply false and conflict with our intuitive wisdom.

As explained earlier, they are useful for the limited time in which the mind first creates them. They operate until we transform them. Because they are then tucked away in the subconscious, we operate under them without realizing it. See Success Stories for examples.

Limiting beliefs impact us in many ways. They distort one’s perception, which then negatively impacts behaviors, decisions, communications, interactions, and actions. Those on the receiving end then respond, and situations are created.

For leaders, on an organizational level, this can show up as employee conflicts (even lawsuits), stressful work environments, and external conflicts with other organizations. On a personal level, they can: cause pain; show up in conflicts with others; cause anxiety and other negative, off-centered emotional states; drive habits; cravings; addictions and much more.

If you only address the surface problem, such as the conflict, and you don’t address the underlying issue, then: 1) you miss an opportunity to create more success by resolving the conflict; and 2) the internal conflict will emerge in a different way.  The wisdom is usually as simple as realizing that you thought you were limited in a certain situation, like you were long ago, but in reality, there were more choices.

We address people’s natural resistance to becoming aware of what’s going on in their subconscious computers here. Bottom-line: You have nothing to fear about this process. Awareness=power to know what you need to change so you don’t keep sabotaging yourself.

Note: Bridgenosis does not ask you any questions while you are in a relaxed state. The uncovering of patterns happens while you are engaged in a conscious conversation and can logically understand how exactly you are holding yourself back. It’s not much different than a similar aspect of executive coaching, except we actually have a way to reprogram the patterns instead of constantly talking you out of the same ones over and over.

Absolutely not. This is super important. It is not a spiritual practice or ritual. Our goal is to help you replace negative, limiting beliefs about yourself with positive ones to increase your confidence. We want you to believe in yourself while remaining humble, not arrogant.

We have found that people of all faiths and of no faith acknowledge they have a gut, intuition, or wise voice inside them, that deep inside they know what is best. We have also found that people develop beliefs that keep them from trusting this voice in childhood. Whether you believe this inner-voice is scientific or spiritual, we can help you.

The client is always in control during the entire process and can choose to take or disregard any and all suggestions.

Laura’s ability to do this is no different than your ability to write poetry, solve a complex problem, communicate the right words in a speech, or perhaps invent something. Everyone is good at something. She was lucky to learn she could do this because it’s more enjoyable to her than practicing law and has been helping many people.

More About Bridgenosis®

It is a process of spotting and eliminating the limiting patterns in your subconscious that are sabotaging you. It is not woo woo. To access and release the patterns that are part of your subconscious playing on auto-pilot, you do need a relaxed state of mind, which is sometimes referred to hypnosis.

Bridgenosis does not use the kind of hypnosis you have read about or seen on tv. (Sorry if this disappoints you.) Humans are in a state of hypnosis when we tap into the creative mind, which is often referred to as the subconscious mind. Humans are in this state most of the time, without the suggestions of a hypnotherapist. You’re in a state of hypnosis any time you are “in the zone” (i.e. inspired as you create a strategy, write, paint or generate ideas; working on a project; running; driving down a long stretch of highway, etc.). The conscious and logical aspects of the mind are typically relaxed while in this state, but a deep state of relaxation is not required to be in hypnosis. Bridgenosis is helping you tap the creative part of the mind with the intention of your eliminating any old beliefs and patterns that keep you from truly trusting yourself.

Laura will give you positive suggestions to help you “get into the zone” and deeply relax so you have a positive experience. Then, suggestions to resolve the underlying conflicts and achieve your goals are provided. The wording of the custom audios is based on your conversation. Laura uses your words since you are in control of choosing to make the changes.

The audios included in the self-guided program were created after many sessions realizing we all have the same expired subconscious patterns. They are positive suggestions and metaphors your creative mind will translate in the way that works best for you. This is not glamorous magic. Psychology has recognized the subconscious autopilot that operates in our mind. The problem is that we believe it can’t be rewired when it can and is being done with this simple process.

Never, ever listen to the hypnosis audio download (“Bridgenosis® audio”) Laura will record and provide to you when driving or doing anything. Only listen when you are able to sit or lay down and do nothing. Most clients listen to it when they are ready to fall asleep and just allow themselves to drift into a sleep when it’s done.

It’s hard to know your own patterns playing subconsciously because they are in your subconscious, out of your awareness. Bridgenosis helps with this. It also helps you to focus on shifting, which is difficult to do by yourself.

During the mindshifting part of a Bridgenosis® session, you are guided to tap into your creative, subconscious mind to communicate about your goals, topics or issues. Positive suggestions are provided to help you positively shift your thoughts towards a resolution on a particular topic(s). You are ultimately in control of the process because you must choose to take the suggestions in whatever way is best for you to make the change, and, at any time, you can come back into a completely conscious state of mind.

Think of your subconscious auto-pilot as a computer that creates software programs in the form of beliefs, habits, patterns, and skills or knowledge, which speaks it’s own language or code. Laura is acting as “subconscious software programmer” or facilitator and is skilled in communicating with the creative mind, which includes the use of metaphors, literal and positive talk, and terms that invoke the imagination. It’s much easier to have an expert feed you suggestions using the right language than to try to do it on your own. You can always consciously listen to what is being said the first time to be sure you are comfortable with the suggestions. 

When you listen to the audio mindshifter, your mind is choosing to take suggestions and it sets you up to let your conscious mind drift to sleep, if you choose, and your subconscious and internal compass listen.

So, you aren’t technically sleeping. There’s a certain part of you still listening. But you can’t feel the difference, if you have chosen to relax deeply and sleep.

To simplify communication, I say it works while you sleep, even though not all of you is asleep during the hypnosis process. The point is that you don’t have to make time in your day for this process. You drift deeper to real sleep after it’s over or whenever your subconscious and internal compass determine it’s time. Some folks consciously listen to the entire audio, and that works as well. It doesn’t take a fully relaxed state to be in hypnosis and making changes. We design the audios to give the listener a chance to sleep deeply as a side benefit.

At Bridgenosis, we encourage you to bring your list! What’s bothering you? What chronic organizational, physical, emotional, entrepreneurial, and relationship pains do you feel? What is it that you wish you would stop doing or start doing? This is not the common hypnotherapy practice.

It’s common for a hypnotherapist to address a topic strictly looking only at the topic and using suggestions to achieve the specific goal. A specific number of sessions may be prescribed up front to achieve the goal or each separate goal.

Also, since you aren’t focusing on changing the limiting beliefs impacting the goals, you might achieve your goal and be presented with a new problem that needs help. In other words, the other process is superficial, and you may need more help.

At Bridgenosis®, we spend extra time helping you to uncover the underlying limiting beliefs that are keeping you from reaching your goal(s). When the Bridgenosis® audio mindshifter is created and recorded, positive suggestions to resolve the subconscious conflicts as well as achieve the goals on your list are given.

By resolving the underlying conflicts, the client can move forward on many levels, not just the one level at issue. If time is not taken to uncover the wisdom beneath an issue, then the process may only help you to overcome a symptom. If the underlying issue isn’t addressed, your mind will likely manifest a different chronic symptom. At Bridgenosis®, we address the core so that you don’t have to come back with the same problem, different symptom.

Also, if you are coming to us to achieve a particular goal, we will try to help you get there in one deeper dive session (including the follow-up), as this has been the case for many clients. We spend at least 4 hours in the first Deeper-dive Mindshift Accelerator Session. Approximately three to four weeks after the first session, we have a two hour phone call where we assess what shifted, provide additional guidance and determine if further steps are needed.

We can’t promise that your whole list will be achieved in one session, but we make every effort to help you shift as much as possible, as quickly as possible. More times than not, the client’s list is achieved in the Deep-dive Mindshift Accelerator. Also, after working with hundreds of leaders and entrepreneurial spirits, we created the Self-Guided Mindshifter to continue clearing out other expired patterns on your own, and all new clients as of 2016 receive access to it to help them continue shifting.

Finally, for clients who are open to learning more,  Laura teaches quick and easy re-centering techniques. After the session, you receive a customized tool kit with everything you learned and the relaxation audio mindshifter.

Everyone who comes has a different wish list and underlying patterns associated with achieving results. We have found that clients start shifting the underlying patterns during the session. Sometimes the “external results” or wish-list items are achieved within the day or week (i.e. some clients overcome their sleeping issues the first night). Others may take 1 to 4 weeks. (They take longer because the underlying patterns keeping them up at night need more time to resolve and may require a little more attention that what is given in the foundational mindshift session.)

It’s a little tricky for the client to know what changes are being made sometimes. Some are obvious. Others are not because they are happening at the subconscious level and it seems like you have always been that way. In the Deep-dive Mindshift Accelerator, we always have a follow-up call 3-4 weeks after the session to gauge the progress and determine what changes have been made. While quizzing a client from session notes, it’s common for a client to say, “Oh, I forgot about that. Wow.” Often it’s the main thing they wanted to change, and they did. Laura is committed to helping her clients get their results in as little time as possible. If you are doing the Mostly DIY program, then you should look back at your assessments and see what obstacles and goals you listed in the beginning to check in on your results.

No. Laura uses video-conferencing to conduct client sessions. We recently stopped seeing clients in-person because so many of our clients preferred video-conference, and we have seen the same amazing results via video-conference as in-person. In fact, studies show that even online psychotherapy sessions are more effective than conventional in-person.

There are many advantages: You can save time on the commute and be cozy in your own space. It also allows you to have a cool experience where you are instead of feeling like the effectiveness of the process is attached to a different location. It’s happening inside you, and a positive association is created within your own environment. It also allows for more privacy and less stress because you are staying in your space.

Those with serious mental disorders should continue working with a professional licensed to help with mental disorders and refrain from this process. Bridgenosis is for high functioning, typically high-achievers, overthinkers. If you are just stressed and have a sense you are getting in your own way, and maybe even know how you are currently wired and are eager to make a change, then it will work. People who are attracted to Bridgenosis are already tapping their creative minds all of the time on their own without realizing it in their leadership, sports, and other creative endeavors. We do this more often than not on a regular basis. Athletes use the power of their minds to perform and so can leaders.

You can sample Bridgenosis form of hypnosis: Sign-up here to receive a complimentary access to the Bridgenosis® introductory audio mindshifter + mind mini-bootcamp.

Rates & Session Information

Individual Mental Performance Coaching Rates Page shows an easy comparison of options and online registration and scheduling.

  • If you wish to have your company reimburse your deep dive accelerator (or mind expansion plus) program, we can send you a proposal. When you apply here, you can let us know.
  • If you already applied and spoke with Laura about the Deep Dive options or did the Jumpstarter and are ready to signup for a Deeper Dive, you can register and schedule online here.
  • Existing Bridgenosis individual clients who are eager to come back, rates are here.)

If you wish to hire Laura for a speaking engagement or organizational services, please schedule a complimentary consultation with Laura to discuss your organization’s needs so that a customized quote can be provided.

During the 60-minute phone/SKYPE call, Laura evaluates your goals and blocks, help’s you complete the assessment and uncover an underlying pattern that is ready to shift. This allows you to jump into the Self-Guided program with personalized guidance. Depending on client needs/desires and time, she may also teach you additional tools to use on your own. At a minimum, you receive the completed assessment and a strategy for moving through the program. Anything else that is taught will also be provided via dropbox. While recommend starting with the jumpstarter call  so you learn to take the assessment, you can also schedule this after you start the program on your own to give your shift a boost.

After working with hundreds of people (including herself), Laura discovered that we all have 40+ limiting patterns playing on auto-pilot, out of our awareness and seemingly out of our control (until now, of course). Leaders have to face these patterns more than the average person because they bubble up when the stakes get higher, when you have to fully rely on your creative internal compass or entrepreneurial spirit to succeed and be prosperous.

Startup entrepreneurs and ones who need to scale sometimes find themselves on a tight budget. They can’t afford to do the deep dive mind accelerator offered in the Foundational Mindshift Programs, and, yet, they can’t afford to not reprogram their minds to trust themselves. This option gets you unstuck, and, in many cases, this is all you need, especially if your goal is to get out of your own way and accelerate your business success.

The approximately 4-hour one-on-one video-conference deep dive mind accelerator session is for those who want to conquer their wishlist of goals and obstacles. It goes by quickly, and we uncover and delete expired, limiting subconscious patterns that are holding you back in multiple levels of your personal and professional life. It can run longer depending on what is needed and how much time you have. (This is not a “by the hour” service, so you are not charged extra if more time is needed.) We aim to create deep shifts as quickly as possible. You will receive customized tools for repeated use:

  • Your creative subconscious mind is irrational and loves creative tools and language to help it update it’s software.
  • The signature tool is a unique form of audio relaxation and visualization designed to reprogram your mind to automatically hear, trust, and follow your internal compass, which we call your GPS/intuition or internal compass/inner-voice.
  • All you have to do is fall asleep to it at night, so you don’t need to make time for it.
  • You will receive a personalized dropbox folder with access to the custom audio mindshifter created during the session and any additional tools (PDFs, videos) that were taught during the session.
  • What is taught depends on the client-some need more time for talking before shifting, others are super open and eager to learn how to shift limiting patterns as they start to recognize them on their own.
  • We also teach quick and easy techniques to help you stay centered and confident.
  • Discernment is used to “meet you where you are at” during the session.

NOTE: The “Deep” Dive is a shorter version of the mindshift accelerator that is limited “by the hour” for those who want more than the Jumpstarter but are time or money conscious. It can be 2.5 hours or up to 3.5, if more time is needed and you want to substitute your hour follow-up with more time in the Deep Dive session. This decision is made during the session itself.

Yes. Some clients start with Jumpstarter option, get powerful results and realize they have other goals they want to achieve. They are ready for the deeper dive mind accelerator options. In this case, if you upgrade within four weeks of starting the DIY Mostly Self-Guided Program/Jumpstarter, we will give you a coupon to subtract $150 from either the Deep-Dive or Deeper-Dive Mindshift Accelerator.

It does, and the Deeper-Dive Mindshift Accelerator takes half the time because kids are much easier to shift. At least one parent must also shift their mindset in order for the child’s results to hold firm. If you want to have your child go through the Deeper-Dive Mindshift Accelerator, indicate that in your application, and we will provide 50 percent off their accelerator or have them do the Deep Dive, which is shorter anyway.

Yes, the main purpose of the audios is to reprogram the 40+ limiting patterns we all have, whether you’re a leader or entrepreneur or not. Your intuition will be translating the audios to best fit your own needs, so any suggestions in the audios that relate to entrepreneurs will be revised accordingly in your mindshifting process. As for the assessment, Laura will help you take the assessment either in the Jumpstarter Call or during the Follow-up if you choose to the Deep-dive Mindshift Accelerator option.
While we are not accountants and can’t say for sure how you should categorize this, our services and programs fall within executive coaching and consulting and leadership development. Many business clients expense it. Many leaders who are not business owners have it reimbursed by their employers. If you wish to have your company reimburse your deep dive mindshift accelerator (or Mind Expansion Plus) or something in writing for your records, we can send you a proposal. Let us know when you apply here.
The Deep-dive Mindshift Accelerator first session (the deepest dive) starts at either 9 a.m. or 1 p.m. (EST) on week-days, depending on the day. Clients should block at least 4 hours for this. After you apply, speak with Laura for 15 minutes, and register, you will be able to schedule online.

The follow-up sessions and jumpstarter session are at more flexible times 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST during the week. You will be able to schedule online after signing up. We sometimes offer Saturday availability.

  • As a results-driven approach, follow-up is a key part of the process.
  • You will receive short daily emails for the first week reminding you to use the tools.
  • About 3-4 weeks after the first session, you have a two hour follow-up session with Laura to 1) go over what shifted, 2) determine if more patterns surfaced since the first session, and, 3) if so, then we shift them.
  • It’s always fun and interesting to see clients forget what pained them in the first session because they shifted subconsciously and it’s as if they have always been that way.
  • Even for clients who have noticed their shifts, there are always some surprise realizations and opportunities to pat themselves on the back for all they reprogrammed in such a short period of time.
  • You will also take the mindset assessment with Laura to see what new expired patterns may have emerged and the best order to listen to the remaining audios.
  • This is a results-focused approach (as opposed to by-the-hour): Everyone’s needs are a little different; Laura takes care of you for the 4-8 weeks of the Deeper-Dive Mindshift Accelerator aspect of the program and will step in for a phone or  video-call between the deep-dive initial session and follow-up call, as needed to ensure you are clearing out the most difficult patterns before you move into the self-guided portion of the program.
  • This does not apply to the Jumpstarter Mostly DIY Option or the Deep Dive Accelerator, which has one follow-up (unless the hour is used during the first session).
  • There is also a mindset assessment that tells you your current top three limiting beliefs and sorts the six audio mindshifters that are part of the self-guided portion of the program.
  • It then recommends a customized order for listening to the audios based on your results.
  • You can take this as often as you like and save each version to track your progress.
  • Sometimes people start with the Deep/er-Dive Mindshift Accelerator Session and then use the assessment during the follow-up call and subsequent times as you continue through the DIY portion of the program. Other times, people start with the assessment and six audios that make up the DIY program and then have the Deep-dive Mindshift Accelerator Session. We recommend that you start with the Deep/Deeper-Dive Mindshift Accelerator Session as soon as possible.
  • The assessment is part of the Jumpstarter option, and we strongly recommend you schedule your Jumpstarter Session as soon as possible so Laura can help you personalize the program.