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Laura PalmerExecutive Mental Performance Coach

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Meet Laura & learn how Bridgenosis was born

Laura Palmer, CEO and Founder of Bridgenosis® since 2011, is a unique leadership facilitator, organizational behavior consultant, and mental performance coach for mindful leaders and organizations, with a background in employment law and subconscious modalities. She developed an effective way of reprogramming the subconscious to eliminate imposter syndrome, resolve conflict, and effect substantial and positive organizational change. She helps leaders and organizations identify and overcome the limiting beliefs that are negatively impacting culture and performance. This process is called Bridgenosis®.

The need for it became clear to Laura while practicing labor and employment law for seven years, including a brief stint as a political appointee. She realized how incredibly detrimental conflict (even unspoken) could be to an organization’s performance, profitability and employee morale.

Ninety-five percent of decisions are made at the subconscious level, which is where tension and cultural stressors form. Thus, directly tapping into it is crucial to reaching peak performance and creating a positive organizational culture. Athletes get this, yet it was missing from the world of organizations and leaders. It was also missing from the legal setting where people are often under pressure to perform while being deposed, on the stand, or during investigations, as examples.

Laura graduated from Auburn University in 1997 with a BA in English and a minor in political science and was the second female Vice President of Student Government Association where she first learned how to do leadership facilitation. She worked in the corporate and nonprofit worlds before obtaining her law degree and a master’s degree in public policy in 2004 from the University of Chicago. She also employs her skills in hypnotherapy and other modalities that allow a person to quickly re-center themselves. Because greater cohesiveness within the organization frees its leader to focus on creating and maximizing new opportunities, Laura has been able to help many leaders and organizations achieve accelerated conflict resolution, increased profits, and improved employee productivity.

The Washington Post ran a story on an Executive Director who went through her Self-Guided Entrepreneur Mindshifter Program. She was also quoted in the Post discussing the role the subconscious plays in our information overload epidemic. And, again in the Post for her work with athletes.

It was her own battle with imposter syndrome that birthed Bridgenosis, as she overcame food intolerances, shingles, debilitating back pain and the anxiety she faced when first starting law school, practicing law and then as a new entrepreneur…all by shifting her subconscious. She was surprised by how easy it was and yet almost no one in her world knew about it.

“A ha” Moments that birthed Bridgenosis:

Her first big “a ha” moment was learning the reason even the most confident and positive leaders who typically follow their intuition/gut quite automatically sometimes struggle, and their organizations have tension or stagnant departments. It is because limiting beliefs surface when the stakes have gotten higher and cause a disconnection between one’s gut/intuition and one’s subconscious auto-pilot.

In other words, your gut is trying to get you to go one way, but your subconscious auto-pilot is trained to do the opposite. This is why we get in our own way and feel anxious or angry. It happens to everyone. And, it’s tricky because the limiting beliefs are hidden since they are in the subconscious. (And sometimes we deny them, which makes it even more difficult to extract.)

Her second even bigger “a ha” moment was learning how to extract limiting beliefs in even the seemingly most difficult cases and reconnect (or “bridge”…get it?) the subconscious auto-pilot and one’s internal compass so they are in alignment, moving in the same direction.

Laura loves compassionately and intuitively helping leaders and organizations with the Bridgenosis process, including precise and investigative conversation and a safe and effective mindshifting process.

She’s committed to helping you get lasting results as quickly as possible.

Why People Come to Bridgenosis

Some people come because they are eager to reach peak performance as leaders or athletes and for their organization as a whole, and they want to use techniques similar to what many Olympic athletes use to tap the subconscious. Others come limping with back pain or a food intolerance or other kind of stress along with a leadership or business roadblock and usually some personal stress of some sort. Some just can’t get to sleep at night and don’t know why.

Fast and lasting results

The good news is that the same patterns and process will impact all of these areas, and you can get results much faster than you might expect-most people see significant changes within a day to a week of the deep-dive session. Organizations see shifts at the performance level within a week or two.

On a personal note, Laura has two rescue pups and enjoys running, skiing, hiking, SUPing, pilates, and meditation.


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